Medieval Online

Alternative names: Medieval

Medieval Online game - fantastic multiplayer client strategy, which develops in the past shrouded in legend. You are transported to the XII century and take part in the battles, which aim to capture as much land medieval kingdom, where only just died down bloody Crusades. Perhaps riches come not too wisely, weakening state internecine wars. Indeed, instead could kindly share power and work together to understand the economy of power, making it a powerful and invincible. But everyone thinks for itself. So you and getting into the environment so selfish persons have every right to swing your right and try to take a chunk out more. Of course, you many not alone achieve. After all, the most significant land redistribution occurs during violent clan wars. So look for allies - and more! You will be able to prove that you deserve it to be the ruler!

To play the game Medieval Online , you will need an internet connection and a computer with the following configuration: OS Windows 7, Windows [ _1_] Vista , Windows XP ; 1.4 GHz processor, graphics card with 128 MB, 512 MB RAM and 100 MB hard drive. Download Medieval will be after create your account. Medieval Online registration is very simple: to enter login, password, and reportedly thought out e-mail address. When the game starts, you will need to create a main character.

Characters that you will manage to fall into two categories: the main character and mercenaries. You choose what would be your leader, let alone a squad of mercenaries formed gradually and can accommodate warriors with different specialties. Generally in Medieval Online three classes. They differ not only the skills and character, but also weapons. So cuirassiers prefer to wear heavy armor and shields, which helps them to not be afraid of tight clash with the enemy. In addition, they are hardy and for any of the squad are the first defenders. Marines also are not afraid of fighting near as may hold different types of weapons. Though their defense is weaker than that of men at arms, but their perseverance and strength with more than compensate for this. But the third class, arrows, bring detachment benefit only from a distance. They use bows, crossbows and javelins. While doing it very cleverly. So, despite a very feeble defense, can cause damage to the enemy literally irreparable. Dear commanders, remember that collecting squad for the upcoming fight, you should make sure that the different soldiers entered into its composition. In this way you can ensure your success!

By the way, if your main character belongs to some of the classes and chooses this peculiar class of specialization, it does not mean that other specializations will be permanently closed. Change profession and try their hand at a whole different can be the first choice. However, we should warn you not to jump from one specialization to another, not really mastered any of them. After all, as they say two rabbits did not have time and if you have not exhausted the potential of the same profession, it is best not to rush to the second. Only consistency and thoroughness eventually give the desired result. So be smart, if you want to conquer this kingdom!

Game Medieval opens up a dizzying perspectives and if you carefully pumped through the two branches of development - namely, Arts commander and military affairs - that can really become invincible. And wisely formed a detachment of 16 mercenaries will be a real support in this ruthless war. Do not forget that a character is divided into several types, and improve their need all at once. So, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

- Basic parameters (armor, health, energy);

- Physical characteristics (strength, agility, endurance)

- Mental characteristics (courage, intelligence, accuracy);

- Specification (attack speed, movement speed, charts, Done).

Victory, who are waiting for you, will bring experience and glasses, most importantly - learn to use them wisely. Also, once you start Medieval play, you need to save in-game currency. Money is needed not only for the purchase of equipment, but also to pay salaries mercenaries. Otherwise, who would want to risk for the sake of your life ambitions, but still free. Provide all the necessary soldiers. Try to time to provide them with new weapons as soon as it becomes available - and they will be ready to go for you on the edge of the world.

In addition, play Medieval Online need to keep an eye on the equipment. Once noticed that the weapon needs repair, do not delay this matter indefinitely. Otherwise generally lose the right thing.

Game Medieval 2 interesting and filled with many details, but with the same easy to manage. The main menu consists of these sections as barracks, information about a character, tree development, warehouse and backpack, team tree recruitment market, shop, party. You'll be always in place, which is quite convenient, because chaos is not conducive to the implementation of plans.

Game Medieval certainly give you a lot of pleasant moments and will become an indispensable part of your leisure time! Try it - and see for yourself!

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