Melting World Online

Alternative names: MWO

Plenty fighting with monsters and aliens to protect the human race from extinction and return to her supremacy on the planet that was lost after a global cataclysm - these are the goals and objectives of the next space strategy "melting worlds" or Melting World Online.

In order to play in the Melting World Online you will need a computer with installed operating system, Windows Vista or Windows 7 Processor Pentium 3 700Mhz or better, at least 512 Mb of RAM. Internet connection must be greater than 512 Kb per second. In the settings screen, set the resolution to at least 1024x768 and 16 bit color. Directly to the gameplay, you need a browser: Internet Explorer at least version 8. 0, FireFox is not below 6. 0 version, Google Chrome or Opera with the plugin Adobe Flash Player version is not below 10.

Join in the game Melting World Online is carried by the standard procedure. On the official website of the game, press the 'play', then you will be in the form filling data registration Melting World Online. Enter your user name, valid e-mail address and password. Next, accept the license agreement and perform primitive arithmetic, after - "to start playing." It only remains to verify whether successfully activated in your Melting World Online Online registration and fight!

If you are the type of players who do not like to complicate their careful selection of the beginning of the game character's characteristics and other things, then you'll definitely here. Online game Melting World Online against absolutely simple - you assign the pilot and the car-robot, which it will manage. You can except to get acquainted with their parameters. In the future, they can be improved, and complement all that, well, at this stage play Melting World Online will, as they say that given. As you progress through the levels, you can accumulate points and acquire more robots (until you get up to eight), and hire pilots. And if the game Melting World Online online will not allow you to roam in the selection of the character, the weapon selection you compensate it fully. Artillery, machine guns, anti-aircraft missile launchers, grenade launchers, beam and plasma lasers, etc. etc. At each weapon its spectrum of action and application, so that a good reflection, and when that is useful to you.

Melting World Online online game where your pilot for a system of levels of this skill-levels of development. With their growth and grow your skills, though they are distributed to your entire team, no matter how much it was not robots and pilots mercenaries. Sami battles conducted in step mode (which is quite natural for RTS). Maybe sometimes it's addictive gameplay, while on the other hand - there is time to decide on tactics, or remember what the robot than armed, because when they are already eight inevitably begin to flounder. And by the way, since this strategy, there is one more thing, which is due to play the game online Melting World Online to the mind, and not rashly - a "Points of action." Simply put, limit your steps. These points are spent fairly quickly, and their stock of ammunition depends on your robot (armor, weapons, etc. ) So weigh (literally and figuratively) actions of pilots and robots - to your advantage.

Play game Melting World Online online and develop your character (team) you are offered in three areas: improving tactics of attack (to develop accuracy, range, damage), tank (that means paying attention to survival skills), just to work on the benefit of his team (repair robots engaged inventory, its exploration and production, etc. ). What that prefer or develop in all directions once you decide.

Well, of course, Melting World Online play alone somehow not really. Group fights and duels secretly were significantly diversify the gameplay, and in terms of experience will be a lot more useful than fight bosses singles. So, invite your friends (or join clans) and show their abilities strategist fanta-outer world Melting World Online! Game MWO - exactly what you were looking for!

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