Merge Dragons!

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Merge Dragons! puzzle game for mobile platforms with extraordinarily cute little dragons. The game has incredibly beautiful graphics in a cartoon style. The music is fun, and all the inhabitants of the game are sounded very funny.

Before you start playing Merge Dragons! think up a game name for yourself and choose an avatar. After that you will be shown how you can play this wonderful game and explain the rules during a short tutorial.

  • Travel the magical world of the game
  • Collect a collection of dragons and evolve them
  • Complete tasks and get the tools you need to continue your journey
  • Heal the Evil-Stricken Valley

This is a short list, but now let's talk about everything in more detail.

Combine what you find while traveling to create more powerful items needed to overcome obstacles.

Combine figurines of Gaia to heal each area of the valley in turn.

In the game you will see more than 1500 different objects and you can combine them. Train a whole flock of dragons, over 37 types in total, each of which you can strengthen.

Complete daily tasks to receive valuable prizes every day, and at the end of the week you will receive a super prize. You can enter the game for just 15 minutes a day and pick up gifts, or play all day and get even more pleasant surprises.

You won't get tired of playing, because every two weeks the theme of the game changes, new tasks, decorations and artifacts become available.

Complete puzzle quests, there are over 900 of them in the game. Solving these riddles will keep you entertained for a long time.

Build a camp to house your dragons as they get bigger and stronger the camp will grow too. Choose decor items that will be placed there, as well as build and upgrade various buildings.

Chat with other players from all over the world. Make new friends or bring old acquaintances into the game. Form alliances and solve puzzles together. A prerequisite for this is the construction of a lair in your dragon camp.

By the holidays, sports competitions in the game, interesting contests are held with unique prizes that can only be won at this time. Do not miss such opportunities, sometimes very valuable things are given as prizes.

The game gets frequent updates with more dragon types, new buildings, decorations and many interesting quests.

There is a shop in the game where you can buy decorations, resources and other items you need for in-game currency or real money. The assortment is constantly updated, promotions with huge discounts are held. Look often, sometimes you can buy extraordinarily valuable items quite inexpensively. It is not necessary to spend real money at all, you can get all this without it, but it will take a little more time. If you want to thank the developers financially, buy something, they will be pleased.

Merge Dragons! you can download for free on Android right here by clicking on the link on this page.

Install the game now and get the opportunity to play with a lot of very funny dragons!

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