Merge Magic!

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Merge Magic! incredibly addictive puzzle game! Graphics in cartoon style, beautiful and colorful, sometimes you get the impression that you are watching a cartoon. The game has fun music and good voice acting for all characters. Here you will need to solve puzzles and explore a huge fantasy world.

Decide for yourself what to do in this wonderful game:

  • Explore the magical world
  • Create travel items
  • Hatch out of the eggs of creatures of the most incredible species
  • Upgrade and power up your beasts
  • Create a zoo collection from a wide variety of fauna

All the chores in the game are very entertaining and do not tire at all.

The world in the game is cursed and it is on your shoulders that the task will lie to heal it by removing the curse. Will help your hero to make a gift that allows you to combine any plants, animals, objects and even trees. Healing the magical world is not an easy task, you have to be smart.

You can take a break from your mission to save the world by decorating your garden. Fill it with the most incredible plants and animals. Putting it all together, you can get even more incredible inhabitants for the garden.

When traveling, you will need various items and a tool to create that will be exactly on the shoulder, just think about how to do it.

Combine different types of magic to achieve results.

Play Merge Magic! You can for a long time, because in the game you have to create more than 500 different types of items. More than 80 tests you have to go through before you succeed.

Log into the game every day and get rewards for logging in. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time in the game every day. You can play just 5 minutes or the whole day, it all depends on your desire.

All the animals in the game are pretty cute, the plants are bright and unusual, the game is very beautiful. A good mood after the game is guaranteed to you, even the fog of the curse that covers the magical garden does not look so scary.

During your adventures, you will meet many magical creatures, unicorns and even magical fairies. But beware of the dark sorceresses, they are cunning and will definitely try to harm the world by stopping you.

Special events often take place in the game, in which you will get the opportunity to compete and win valuable prizes that cannot be obtained at any other time.

There is an in-game store where you can purchase in-game currency, decor items and tools for real money that will be useful to you during your travels. Developers will be pleased to receive financial rewards for their work, but it is not necessary to make purchases.

The game receives frequent updates, which means that even more powerful items and spells await you in it. You can get even more incredible creatures in your magical garden. All of them will need a home, try to remove the curse as soon as possible and free the enchanted world from the forces of evil.

Merge Magic! you can download for free on Android by clicking on the link on this page.

Start playing now, save the magical world from the curse!

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