Merge Witches

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Merge Witches is a game for mobile platforms about item merging. Here you will see premium quality cartoon graphics. Music will help improve your mood if something is wrong with it. The game characters are well-voiced.

Once there was a heavenly city where good witches lived, but one day, when nothing foreshadowed trouble, evil monsters attacked it. They destroyed all the buildings and cast a powerful spell on all the inhabitants of the settlement. There is an ancient legend saying that one day a savior will be found and will recreate the city even better than it was, having previously disenchanted the inhabitants.

You can be that savior, but there are many things ahead of you:

  • Explore the area and dispel the fog of curse
  • Gather resources scattered around
  • Create tools to get ahead
  • Restore lost buildings using fusion magic
  • Dispel the inhabitants of the city, communicate with them and complete their tasks

It will be difficult to do everything at once, but over time, after you disenchant the good witches, they will be able to give you advice and give you interesting tasks with prizes.

No need to restore the enchanted world the way it was. Everything is limited only by your imagination, make it better.

Collect a collection of extraordinarily cute pets, and since the world is magical, you can communicate with them and even take additional quests from them that will bring you many rewards.

An interesting plot awaits you in the game.

The game world is huge, many lands are waiting for you to dispel the fog of curse over them and free them.

There are about 300 levels where you can combine items to create over 400 unique objects. The number of additional tasks is impressive, there are more than 600 of them.

As you may have guessed, playing Merge Witches will be interesting and exciting.

You will be able to freely move any object in the game, even plants. Give the world a look that suits your design preferences.

Visit the game every day, complete daily tasks and get gifts for it. Every week and month you will receive even more rewards if you do not miss a single day in the game.

Connect your Facebook profile so you can invite your friends to the game.

Participate in special events dedicated to seasonal holidays or other significant dates. In these contests, unique prizes and themed decorations will be waiting for you.

The in-game store allows players to purchase decor items, useful items and resources. Purchases can be made for both in-game currency and real money. If you decide to spend a small amount, you will also express your gratitude to the developers for their work in this way.

Stay tuned for more cute characters and skins with each new version. In addition, the area of the game world is increasing.

You can download

Merge Witches for free on Android by clicking on the link on this page.

Install the game now, cute witches are already waiting for their savior, maybe it's just you!

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