Mergeland Alice's Adventure

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Mergeland Alice's Adventure is a puzzle game about merging objects. You can play on mobile devices. The graphics are detailed and colorful like a real cartoon. The voice acting is great, the music is fun.

In this game you will find the world of Alice through the Looking Glass. During the game you will meet all the characters described in the book by Lewis Carroll. Through the looking glass is a very interesting place, nothing is impossible there, and miracles are found at every step.

  • Explore the fairytale through the looking glass
  • Meet the locals and go sightseeing
  • Complete tasks
  • Combine items to get further

All this is waiting for you during the game. In order to start playing Mergeland Alice's Adventure, you need to complete a tutorial, it will be interesting and will not take much time.

After that, you can start the game. The fairy-tale world is shrouded in a magical fog, and only by completing tasks and using the magic of merging objects can you dispel this fog.

The complexity of the tasks increases significantly as you progress. It will take longer to get the items needed for the quest.

To obtain basic objects, energy is needed, which eventually ends. It takes time to complete it. This time can be spent with benefit by playing mini games.

Leveling up brings benefits and unique items. Try to complete tasks faster and accumulate experience points.

A lot of fun awaits you in the game, because this is the famous Looking Glass. Getting some items defies logic, but logic works differently in this fabulous place. In the information about the items, it is indicated with the help of which combinations it is possible to obtain them.

Accumulate game earned by completing tasks, it will help you find a way out of difficult situations.

Join the game every day and get daily and more valuable weekly login rewards. Thus, the developers are trying to reward you for loving the game.

Implemented the change of seasons. Interesting thematic competitions dedicated to seasonal holidays are waiting for you. During these events, you can win unique decorations to create a festive mood and many other valuable prizes.

Don't disable auto-update so you don't miss these events, at other times many of the prizes will not be available.

The in-game store allows you to purchase items needed for tasks, energy and boosters. There are often sales days. You can pay for purchases with game currency or real money. It is not necessary to spend money, such expenses will allow you to thank the developers for their work, and as a bonus they will give you the opportunity to increase your level in the game a little faster.

An internet connection is required to play. It is good that there are almost no places where there is no coverage of mobile operators.

Mergeland Alice's Adventure can be downloaded for free on Android using the link on this page.

Install the game and start playing right now if you like the fairy tale about Alice in the Looking Glass and puzzles!

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