Metal War Online

Alternative names: Metal War Online

Online game Metal War Online - sessional online game client that transports players in the global conflict in Sci- Fi setting. This world of the future in which events of the war raging in the field resource necessary for no other purpose, as to create artificial blood. It may surprise you and ask why do I need it? The fact that the synthetic blood has special properties and a very different quality than natural. It all began with an inconspicuous local conflict between the two corporations. But the confrontation between the two titans, of which no one wanted to miss a tasty morsel, soon spiraled out of control. Military events like fire, with frightening speed spread across the globe, simultaneously involving many participants. Mercenary organization intervened and the situation was aggravated by the extreme. Nobody knows what the outcome of this massive slaughter, but shall be entitled to participate anyone.

To play the game Metal War Online , you need to download and install the client. To do this, your computer must meet the following minimum system requirements:

- Installed operating system Windows 7 / Vista / XP SP3;

- Processor Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2 64 3. 0 GHz

- Card 512 MB NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT / ATI Radeon HD 3450

- 2 GB of RAM and 4GB of free space on your hard disk.

Download client before Metal War Online registration. Create an account as follows: Entered e-mail, password (repeat), nickname and characters from the image. Join in the game Metal War Online - it is a kind request for an invitation to enter the game. Since the game Metal War Online now being closed alpha test, you will receive an e-mail letter that and give the desired access .

You will be the first time in metropolitan areas of Australia, and where will battle your way. Should choose the side to which you will join. But it does not mean that we need a vow of fidelity and structure can not be changed. You can Metal War Online play in composition Global Resource Network or Morgan Industries. The first is a commercial organization of a new type. Exclusive right to mine rare variety actinolites in Australia - the trump card, and its yield, the organization intends to nobody. The second - the leading manufacturer of metal, composite and synthetic materials. This multinational corporation, whose history dates back to 1903. Production scale and successful research and development organization members instilled confidence that they have the full right to possess a valuable resource. Who knows, maybe there would not clash between them, if it had not been developed in 2005 by Professor Beloyartseva "blue blood." But what happened is what happened. And now for the useful properties of a popular substitute for human blood, many brave men ready to challenge anyone. And if you agree to cut the throat of his enemies, and to claim their rights?

Play Metal War Online You will be using the technique of the four classes. Specialize on machine intelligence, assault, artillery, and repair. Armored assault vehicles (BSHM) constitute a major military power. They are heavily armed and capable of destroying everything in its path. Shuttle Engineering Support (CLASS) have many functions. This repair on the battlefield, and installing minefields, and the creation of electromagnetic interference. The smallest combat reconnaissance vehicles (BRM) are confronted by such a job as intelligence, successfully cope with anything, due to the high and maneuverability. A mobile artillery complexes (IAC), on the contrary, most are huge. They are able to eliminate the ground structure and inflict harm, even from great distances. All these will help combat units not win a battle and achieve desired.

Game map Metal War Online until two - "Base in the desert" and "Australian city" ;. In these war zones and current events unfolding virtual war. Players can catch your breath in special hangars. They are designed to make it where perekentovatsya between battles, combat vehicles and fix to buy equipment for improvement.

If your heart longs for adventure and the future beckons its unexplored, MWO game - exactly what you need! Developers have tried to prevent users were disappointed and promised soon to please with new parts of the gameplay. Join Right Now! Successful and enjoyable game!

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