Alternative names: Metin2

In Metin2 play is recommended for those who want to immerse themselves in the world of oriental fantasy. Here you can immerse yourself in an incredible adventure, become a master of martial arts and save the world from the dark forces.

To play Metin2 first you must be passed Metin2 registration. To do this:

1. Enter your new screen name (login).

2. E-mail

3. Confirm your acceptance of the general terms and conditions of the game.

4. A few minutes later, you have to e-mail will be sent a letter from the administration. Following the instructions to the letter, you can activate your game account as a gift.

When Register finished the game Metin2 Metin2 online game will require you to direct installation on your computer. To do this:

1) Download the game client (you'll find it under "Downloads" on the game site)

2) Run the download file and online game Metin2 begins to install on your computer.

3) Do not forget to specify a location on your computer that will host the online game Metin2.

After installing the game on your desktop icon appears Metin2 .. Also in the Start menu shortcut will be created to enter the game. Clicking on any of these icons will take you to the world of Metin2 online. Regularly will also automatically update the game, which will not take you much time. Metin2 Online game, its installation and Registration Metin2 tested absolutely free.

After this, you will need to complete the details of your account in the game and select a server for the game. You created character can only play on this server. To play on another server, create a new character.

When creating a character you need to choose its future gaming specialization. Play online game Metin2 You are invited to such classes as heroes Warrior Ninja Shaman Sura.

Warrior. In heavy armor and heavy artfully holding machetes, Warriors are masters of melee. Also, you should not worry for their physical strength and fortitude. Developing this character class can be learned possession of two-handed axes and halberds, or rely on a combination of the classic battle - sword and shield.

Ninja. It is a professional assassin. They have no equal in the ability to ambush. In battle, use daggers and bow. On this basis, rely on speed and agility.

Shaman. Used in combat and magic spells. The best approach to support other soldiers. Shaman relies on healing spells and spells that improve attack and defense.

Sura. It warriors who deceived Dark. Thanks to this successful fighting in melee, they can attack the enemy at a distance magic. They also reinforce the utility spells themselves.

Play Metin2 Online game, you will have by choosing one of three locations (empires).

Shinzo Empire. It is the southern empire, which specializes in trade. Selecting the area for its introduction, your main tasks will melt protection and development of trade routes.

Jinno Empire. Located on the east of the continent. This empire was founded by the military class of the old empire. Therefore, it is very aggressive towards others.

Hundzho Empire. Located in the western part of the continent. This empire is ruled by religious leaders. Because this may be considered magical capital of the continent.

Game Metin2 literally striking in its portrayal in the style and atmosphere of the eastern fantasy martial arts. You are tired of the classic fighting sword and bow? Develop your character and use as a weapon of seemingly benign bells and fans. So go ahead! Hone your skills in the glory of the empire!

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