Metro: Last Light

Alternative names: Metro: Last Light

Metro: Last Light game created in the genre of shooter 1st person. It is the sequel to the game Metro 2033. Developers Metro: Last Light refused to her were based on the events of the second book of D. Glukhovski. It was decided to make a game that will be a direct continuation of the first part.

If you decide to download Metro: Last Light, you will learn that the protagonist of the second part is also Artem. At this time his main mission - to prevent a civil war between the inhabitants of different subway station. In developing the sequel have been identified 3 basic principles:

1. Saving atmospheric horror Metro 2033.

2. Diversify the types of weapons.

3. Improve technology Metro 2033.

All tasks were completed and are now in Metro: Last Light pc Artem will need to sort out the chaos that is based on the actions and events taking place in Metro2033. Have not gone mutants are also fighting the Nazis and red with each other. And all have to fight.

A boevki in Metro: Last Light we offer schematically divided into two types: the shootings and fights with people and hunt all kinds of monsters. The shootings began at best, that k appeared developers promise a true physics of objects, as well as improved AI. You look, and Tom is now just three "trunk", each of them can be pumped or having increased firepower or abgreydiv its steeper sight.

To increase the range fights with opponents weapons Metro: Last Light is also presented much wider. Weapons sometimes undergone a radical revision. Now there is an opportunity to get an exclusive weapon: RPK machine gun 45 rounds, modification Kalash AKSU rifle sniper VSSK "Exhaust", six-barreled automatic shotgun Velopal.

As can be seen, remained the best submachine guns, shotguns and revolvers, but added sniper rifles and miniguns. And it is not done in vain. For now, when you become a Metro: Last Light play, then meet with a very scary mutant bosses

OMedveditsa - bear mutant.

OGigantskaya shrimp.

ORino-womb ghouls.

It should be noted that Metro: Last Light is generally good. It is very professionally lit caves and tunnels, perfect shape made characters. Come to the surface, all precipitation, fog, mud is very natural. Perfectly done voice: howling mutants screams and other sounds very picturesque and believable.

But if you are still undecided whether to play in the Metro: Last Light, you should request the internet Metro: Last Light video and see all of what has been told firsthand. and see all of what has been told firsthand. No harm will come to the game's official website http://store. steampowered. com/agecheck/app/43160 /, register there and get into the spirit of the game. And then install the Metro: Last Light on your PC in order to understand what emotions cause you this game. Try! Go for it!

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