Alternative names: mezolit, mezzo

Mesolithic online - is shareware multiplayer role-playing game, immersing in the primitive world. You can look at the world through the eyes of man, there were about 15 000 years ago.

Play the game online Mesolithic very interesting, because the creators have tried to recreate the animal world that existed for many thousands of years BC. If you want to be in the shoes of primitive man, it is time to register the account, but before that let's see what the system requirements put forward by developers.

Online game is a browser-Mesolithic, ie in order to play it, you do not need to download and install on your computer, additional software. You only need an internet connection and Adobe Flash Player version 9 or. 0. best browser for the game is Google Chrome.

Registration in Mesolithic game is very simple, and may not be necessary if you have accounts in social networks such as FaceBook, Mail. Roux or Classmates. If not, or you want to create an account that is not related to social networks, the registration Mesolithic enjoy. In front of you on a piece of parchment will be drawn two characters - will need to choose the gender of the little man and give a name. Then Mesolithic online registration ask you to enter your password and your e-mail box. You will also need to agree to the terms of the user agreement and click play.

Mesolithic online game begins with the fact that you need to pass the first test, because you, the people of the tribe children Tufa, 15 years old, and if it will pass the test, become an grown. So, you're in "Dedication to hunters" - the first of many gaming quests (special assignments). For successfully completing quests will receive experience, a variety of trophies and rewards.

Character when you play Mesolithic, will have such interesting figures as

- Fed

From exhaustion to the full. At full satiety additive character gets to experience getting more teeth and less likely to be injured. Satiety decreases when you off-line. Character can feed food bought at Powwow.

- Tourism

This parameter increases when you do not play. Rested character gives boost to gain experience.

To play the game online Mesolithic, a character must possess one of the extractive occupations

  • Skinning
  • Gathering

And one of the producing

  • Handicrafts
  • Processing
  • Sorcery

Depending on the complexity of work, will grow and your work skills, benefiting both play money - teeth.

To protect their wealth and loved ones will be available three types of weapons:

  • Easy: ax, club, for protection - a shield
  • Heavy: Available with 6 character level, spear and cudgel
  • Thrown: bolas and his Rockets - bolas

In addition, you will have different combat skills, which can be purchased either from a trainer or on the battlefield, and gradually develop them. With 6 levels are available special talents that help you master the special fighting techniques.

During a battle with another player, you can use various tricks to win

  • War Horn will help you attack the enemy in the area, in which fighting is prohibited
  • Marking spirits and great spirits custody protect you from your enemies

When you play in the Mesolithic, you will be pleased with developed trade relations. Can participate in the auction and also teeth, buy another type of currency - crystals.

Also can buy different kinds of clothing that will have special properties.

The game gives an opportunity to join a group, for example, or a mammoth hunt for more fun passing assignments. Players groups can communicate with each other in a special chat.

If you want to plunge into the primeval world, to feel in the shoes of primitive man hunt for the mammoth vosmitonnogo, then you have come to the address, and, of course, enjoy the game.

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