Alternative names: Millidor

Milidor Online (Millidor Online) - multiplayer online game genre can be defined as a global strategy. In addition, online game Milidor contains more elements and economic simulator and even step RPG. Your hero is the master of a growing and promising perspective empire, his responsibilities include the expansion of its borders, strengthening its position on the world map of the game world. Online game Milidor to some extent is a breakthrough in the field of browser games.

Register Milidor game is very simple and a lot of the time you have to take it away. You will need to enter the account name, your email address and password to access your account. Then on your mail will be sent to you with information that Milidor completed registration, and your account is activated.

An interesting feature of the game's developers have pleased us. Now play the game online Millidor you can either through the site in the browser or download a special client. All this means that Millidor online game play in which you will be able to wherever you want, and all that is needed - a computer with an internet connection. Tempting, is not it?

The dynamics of development and the overall size of the gaming universe mad delight anyone who decides to plunge into the world of adventure this game. Here everything is arranged so that the game world is in constant motion, all of the elements from the smallest to the colossal constantly changing and evolving, or degraded. Very interesting game system implemented in leveling. In Each player has a specific set of development characteristic points, which need to distribute from the start.

Also, each character has a territory, which need to be kept to equip and develop, it will be on your own castle, which can rightly be called your haven. Millidor online game designed for patient and strong-minded players, because around your territory stretched dozens or even hundreds of others. And every time the owner is not thought to encroach on your possessions, or even tried to do it. Defend against enemies is possible only when you have in there own strong and mighty army. In principle, the army - it is the entire population of your state. Soldiers would be those units, which will be enough ammunition and weapons in your arsenal. Actually, such a dynamic system of conscription guarantees you the relative safety of the state. Play the game online Millidor be more interesting if you join your faithful companions, and here's why.

One of the main strengths of the game - it's alliances, which could become part of your state. If the current way of ruling clans you are not satisfied, you can always become a true and rightful leader of his own. In addition, the game can act as a mercenary. Thus, the other player gets into subjection your possessions, and you, in turn, paid him a certain amount of money as the price of hiring.

For anyone who has ever dreamed of becoming a wise wizard, the game representation of the six different kinds of magic. Using them in battle, you get a fairly substantial bonus and your chances of winning increase markedly over the enemy. Or, in the end, their financial situation can always be improved through the sale of a pair of three scrolls or potions that you have made. They are, incidentally, pretty decent money.

In fact, very much in this game tied to magic and sorcery, and this awareness comes almost from the first minute, when you start playing Millidor. Here, for example, certain forces have a certain set of parameters of resistance to various kinds of magic, well, the game itself is just filled up to the top of the various mystical artifacts, which rages inside a huge ancient magical power. In general, in the game world there Millidora five playable races: elves, orcs, humans, dwarves and druids. Each race in the arsenal there are about two dozen kinds of buildings and several kinds of troops that can be developed by improving their level.

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