World Oksaroy

Alternative names: Oxsar World, World Oxsar

World Oxsar online - is a multiplayer browser-based online space strategy, in which the player will have to expand their empire and increase the influence of other galaxies in the name of the main goal - to become a major in the universe!

Oxsar World online does not need to install the game client and is available in any browser except in this game you can play on the iPad2, iPad, iPhone, iOS and Android.
To begin the game, World Oxsar online registration. This can be done in two ways:
1) Use social networking account, such as, Facebook, Mail. ru, VK and Classmates. Clicking on one of the buttons of social networks (pressing need that, where there is a registered account) and follow the instructions to pass the registration process in the game;
2) directly from the game by clicking on the "Register" in the new window that opens, type in the appropriate fields username, e-mail, password and accept an agreement with game rules. Next, click "Register" button on this game Register Oxsar world over.

And now you can see what the game offers Oxsar World Online. Going after registering the game, selecting the menu option "Planet", to name his planet. And going to the "Settings" you can set your game interface (skin game, background style, table style, a set of pictures of units and so

In this game the player can choose one of these professions: Universal (has no specialization), Shakhtar Donetsk (specializes in the extraction of resources) The attacker (specializes in attacks), defense industry (specializing in defense) and Tankman (specialized in punching power) .

The achievement system, initially to go through basic training. In addition, the need to build solar power plant to provide heat and power our planet.

The game has resources such as metal, silicon, hydrogen, and Energy Credits (you can buy them for real money). With each new level of development of mines, and increases the amount of resources.
Metal - it is the cheapest raw materials, but, but it needs more than anything else. The main element of support structures for the construction of buildings and ships.
Silicon - this resource is required for all vehicles and buildings. The basic material for the construction of electronic elements and alloys.
Hydrogen - this resource is needed as fuel for ships, almost all studies, viewing galaxies, as well as for the use of sensor phalanx.
Energy - it is needed to provide energy for mines and synthesizers.

Online game World Oxsar has Galactic Exchanger - is a place where you can exchange resources that are available in abundance on the urgently needed resources.
Play online game World Oxsar be primarily engaged in a variety of constructions of buildings, and to increase the speed of construction of buildings, it is necessary to build a factory robots, which provides an easy labor, and which can be used in the construction of planetary infrastructure.

Storage of metal and silicon, hydrogen tanks, research laboratory, missile silos, shipyard, defense plant ... and many more, not less than the required buildings to be built for the development of his empire.

In addition to buildings, World Oxsar online game has a huge arsenal of spaceships that affect their abilities. This small trucks, and large trucks, Fighters and Cruisers, Death Star Destroyer ... and, in general, the selection is impressive! Defense arsenal is also at altitude. Here and Laser installation, and Rocket, Plasma and Ion cannon, various shields, etc.

Online game World Oxsar uses a unique battle system and its own simulator battles. Games Marketplace will allow to trade resources, ships and artifacts from other players. And doing research, which in the game is currently 20 species, can open up new technology and more advanced weapons systems.

Play the game online World Oxsar possible, taking part in the referral system, attracting new players to the game and for it to receive bonuses. You can also join the clan (which will give some advantages) or create your own. Going into the Chat, you can chat with other players.

To summarize, I want to say: Play World Oxsar will be very exciting. Create an economic and military infrastructure on its planet, and go colonize other. Conquer new star systems and galaxies. I remind you all that you need to start playing World Oxsar it Oxsar World Register. Good luck!

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