Mobile royal

Alternative names: Mobile Royal

Mobile Royal on PC - strategic battles in the fantasy world

The Mobile Royal game from the IGG studio has long established itself as a high-quality strategy with elements of active battles. Become one of the rulers of a mighty kingdom. Fight hordes of beastmen attacking from all sides. Use your strategic and tactical planning skills to defeat the enemy. Remember, each kingdom on the map is fighting for its place in the sun. Hurry up, hero, everyone has been waiting for you!

Mobile Royal Start

Your castle is blazing, it is attacking the Beastmen. Expect help from Branor - this is a paladin, he is different in battle. Take him to the service and join the battle. The battle takes place on a small plot of land, where your units led by a hero fight with units and the enemy hero. To win, you must defeat them. For this, you can also use unique abilities. You win, but the enemy introduces Ifrit into the game - a powerful creature that spews fire. Quickly use the power of your dragon to defeat.

After the battle, start rebuilding the city and the castle, because the castle is the key to success and power. Next, go to the stone of displacement. There you will find a series of battles in which, by winning, you can get stones to summon new powerful heroes. We enter our first battle. Choose your main character and unique ability, in this case, the call of the fiery power of the dragon and click "battle". The battle against the dwarves, apparently they wanted to return their things, confusing us with the robbers - they are worse! Our hero again showed himself perfectly. Remember that the heroes lead your soldiers into battle, as well as help with supplies and strengthen the army. Try to collect as many heroes as possible to gain an advantage in a wide range of situations.

Try to summon your second Saori hero. She is a priest and will be a great healer for your soldiers. In total, up to four heroes can be taken into battle, and in the game there are 30 of them. The most interesting of them:

  • Skarliss, a necromancer, commands the shooters - tried to prevent a civil war at all costs. When her attempts failed, she turned to necromancy to give her people a common enemy, thereby uniting him.
  • Reginald, a knight in command of the cavalry - a member of the royal family, spent his childhood in a magnificent castle. He studied with the best mentors in the country, showed a special interest in conflicts of the past. He is trying to prove that he is the worthy heir to his king.
  • Balthazar, the archdemon, commands the cavalry - no one knows why the half-demon Balthazar woke up from a dream, but the fact remains: the master of dark magic is now involved in the conflict between the People and the Beastmen.
  • Isabelle, a mercenary, commands arrows — when demons killed her family in her childhood, she vowed to take revenge and made it the goal of her life. Therefore, from her you can hear only one phrase, "I kill demons."
  • Atlas, the golem, commands the cavalry - a unique golem that fell in love with the songs of the bards about the heroic deeds of the heroes. He understands that his duty is protection and justice. He has more than enough strength for this.
  • Tanaka, the ronin, commands the infantry - an incomparable fighter, not knowing fear, humble and knowing the price of honor. Her true intentions are still a mystery. But there are suggestions that she is looking for a worthy leader.

Each of the heroes is unique in its history and in its skills. Each is useful in individual cases. Combine them wisely and you will have no equal in battle.

Mobile Royale Construction

In addition to the battles, you have to rebuild your own city with a castle on the mountain. And you have to build this:

  • Lazareth - is necessary for the treatment of soldiers. Upgrade him to increase the number of soldiers who can be healed at a time;
  • academy - Research is being conducted here to enable your city to grow. Improving it you increase the speed of research;
  • storage - protects your resources from enemies. Improving it, you increase the number of protected resources;
  • treasury - allows you to make deposits of crystals. Upgrade it to increase the maximum deposit size;
  • barracks - necessary for training various types of troops. Upgrade them to increase the number of soldiers who can be trained at the same time.

These are the main buildings, the rest will open during the game and reaching certain levels.

Downloading Mobile Royal on PC is very simple. Enough to start installing Bluestacks on your computer, then install the game and play directly from the emulator.

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