Alternative names: Fashionistas
Even the most modest girl at heart dreams to be admired men and women to silently envied her appearance. Unfortunately, almost all of the fair sex know that boasting is not welcome in society. So we have to wait for the compliments months: a new blouse men hardly notice, and the other ladies if they notice something out of spite not respond. In general, hard life simple beauty-fashionista. But not in the annex Fashionistas online! The main essence of the application - to look good and outshine their appearance rivals. There are even special fashion duel carried out: a pair of beauties that the winner is selected, the image of which actually looks stylish and unusual. For the victory in hand duels special bonus points and cash rewards. Speaking of virtual money Fashionistas - a game in which you can make a real "otvyazny shopping." The project has many fashion boutiques, shelves which can be found along with the latest hits famous couturier. Earn a little, your character will be able to anything to indulge. In Fashionistas you start playing a simple girl of the provincial, who wanted to make a modeling career. Being a resident of the small town, the heroine can not afford to buy expensive designer clothes - there are simply no. Nevertheless, she has created for himself his own style, which adheres to all images. One day, realizing that she has a chance to make the dream a reality, your ward and throws everything to conquer the "mainland." Fashionistas game, the new season of her, prepared for all participants of the project a lot of surprises. The main project is the essence remains the same - the heroine must always look good, attend parties and get them to the queen, eclipsing all competitors with its beauty. As an invitation to a party game for girls Fashionistas you can throw at any minute, better armed to always have a couple of original outfits. And even better - to stock up on dresses of every style, then you certainly will not worry about anything. All girls playing in this application will be able to help one another (if they want to, of course). In boutiques outfits can fall out of the "rare". That lucky girl who finds them first, be able to share good news with friends on the wall in the social network, and then the girls will be able to get the outfit in Annex Fashionistas free - as a gift. During gameplay, making purchases, players can find various parts of the collection, which brought together, you can get a classy designer dress as a gift. As you can see, the game is easy to pain, but even you can not imagine how hard it is "addictive." Lack of plot as such does not affect the excitement generated during gameplay. Do not believe me? Then you just have to personally test this project - you'll see in the new season Fashionistas play great!
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