Monopoly Star

Alternative names: Monopoly Star, monopoly

Game Monopoly Star is a massively multiplayer online game belongs to the genre of "economic strategy", in which you need passion, luck, intelligence. This is a fascinating pastime with your friends. Also pleasant emotions that you get at a table game of Monopoly, in VIP-participants have the opportunity to transfer games to win its own electronic wallet.

Game Monopoly dictates the rules as close to its desktop version (Monopoly, merchant, banker, millionaire, etc. ). For convenience, the gameplay is automated in Monopoly online, it does not lose your opportunity to participate in making any economic decisions. The main goal of the game Monopoly online is ruin your opponents, but it need not be himself bankrupt. Your condition Monopoly online can be increased: to rent or sell your property, you want to buy before this.

Before Monopoly play online, make sure your computer meets the system requirements such as: frequency processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video Card - 128 MB. Monopoly registration does not take much of your time and easy:

1. On the main page, select the item "Registration";

2. Please enter a valid e-mail;

3. Enter a secure password and repeat it;

4. Think of the character's nickname and upload an avatar, then enter your real name, sex, date of birth and region of residence;

5. Select "Register".

Monopoly game - a popular worldwide economic game board, which was created by American Charles Darrow. Game Monopoly Star pretty exciting, forces participants to show emotions, besides, Game Monopoly is an economic strategy with fairly simple rules. In Monopoly can play online at least 2 people. Your goal is to make the opponent bankrupt. You will be Monopoly play online and in turn throw the dice, moving in a circle at several positions - on as much as fell on the dice. Your actions in Monopoly online directly depends on in what field (cell sector) you will, that is, there are several options: buy a bank or building , to pay the ransom, if the site is owned by the opponent. To earn Monopoly online, you can rent out or sell their own structure and action. In that case, if the transaction does not have enough money, you can take the credit in game Monopoly.

You will be online to play Monopoly by the old rules. It has a rectangular playing field, you will have rivals, you roll dice (virtual, in this case). Monopoly game will allow you to buy the building and to accumulate funds. Creators Monopoly online the glory tried to leave the maximum similarity version of the game online with its real version. I must say that they did it: The first minutes of the game Monopoly Star literally dazzle realism, simplicity, reasonableness and convenience.

Monopoly game was originally positioned as a free game, but there is also the possibility of inserting means, for example, buy a VIP-status, which offers many advantages. But Monopoly onlin e is an optional condition: you can not spend your money and enjoy Monopoly online!


Earn Money Monopoly onlin e can be playing with other players on the money under the arrangement (the winning you can bring to the WMR-purse) . You can also participate in the tournament, which has a prize fund. In Monopoly online, there is another way to make - to participate in an affiliate program of the project. The money you earned Monopoly onlin e can spend in the game or put the purse WMR.

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