My Village

Alternative names: My Village

Browser Game Village does not require anything other than Internet connection and a browser .

The game has two servers:

· Server 1

· Server 2

Join My Village in the game is as follows:

Go to the site mojaderewnja. ru.

Pressing the greater the yellow button in the middle of the screen "Start playing."

Filling My Village registration data

1. Select Server

2. Login

3. Password

4. E-mail

5. Introduction to the Terms and Privacy Policy

Further, the introduction begins with the game, very cute pig explains what to do and how.

Game My Village gives the player

· 37 levels

· 18 construction sites [_5_ ]

· 4 industrial buildings [_5_ ]

· 4 buildings for animals [ _5_]

· 32 kinds of plants [_5_ ]

· A lot of interesting quests [ _5_]

The player will become a real king Don caramel or parsley, if he wants to. There are numerous ways in which you can advance in the game with a large selection of buildings that can be purchased at different levels

· Arable

· Coop

· Cubicle

· Sheepfold

· Beehive

· Fishing

· Candy Kitchen

· Mayonnaise production

· Creamery

· Spinning

· Peasant club

Play game My village is very entertaining, from the first level, with its many features and humorous characters:

Village - to compete or join the club.

Bus - with its help you can get to the village.

Announcement posts - to advertise goods.

Barker Fedor - sends any messages.

Marktplatz - to trade with other players.

Building materials shop - you can buy any decoration on the farm.

Merchant of seed - sells seeds that can be planted at his farm.

Skototorgovets - sells animals.

Beekeeper - sells hives.

Exclamation people - people with an exclamation mark can give new job quests.

In subsequent levels, things just get more interesting.

Villagers in My Village online game managed by the system. Every day come to the player to the farm and buy different products.

Received homestead on the third level of the game, you can begin to equip and decorate it. To do this, use a directory of interior design. Over time, an opportunity to buy new decor items, shelf collections and pets.

Communicating with other players can be made by joining one of these clubs peasant, paying an entrance fee. Each club has at least six players. Getting quests club, members perform their joint efforts and get points for them, through which rise in statistics peasant clubs.

You can open your club, built this house on a separate plot.

My village is a free browser game that requires no download and install other programs.

In My Village play like anyone. Colorful game world types of written and fun story, will not leave anyone indifferent.

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