MU Online

Alternative names: MU Online

MU Online - multiplayer online role-playing game in the genre of science fiction. Few in the world famous Korean company WebZen, decided to try to force in a particular game. And they definitely succeeded. After MU Online game was not just famous, but also the mass game. Also a big plus that you can play the game MU Online free.

To start the game you check out the video and screenshots MU Online, and then need to download the game MU Online. And now you can plunge into the world of fiction.

Now perform a brief review of MU Online. Let's start with the fact that you get into the world of MU. The very name of the standard is not telling you that it is not simple and ordinary. Indeed it is. It's all wonderful and fabulous. Before you choose between the three views the characters:

• The Dark Knight,

• Dark magician;

• Elf.

The Dark Knight - a major plus - a powerful physical force. Good fights alone, melee, weapon juggling, which has a huge assortment, powerful armor and strong in defense.

Dark wizard - are subject to the elements - ice, fire, lightning. Able to teleport, even in the midst of battle, he is subject to weapons of mass destruction, using magic to recuperate, but a little weak in melee.

Elf - edfiyka. Unique class, but to the development of sophisticated, best in a remote attack, acts as a doctor, enhances both protection and attack allies. Good as a team and individually.

But the gameplay of this game allows the creation of a single person up to eight characters. In this case, you can try any character. And the most interesting thing in the game no not one alike character. Everyone is different. As creators provide a large selection of clothing and equipment.

Play MU Online You will be accompanied by only one main goal - the fight against the evil side, destroy all monsters on his way. But if deepen, then of course you aspire to move quickly to the next highest level, to raise these characteristics and skills, create a powerful character.

MU Online game lets you create teams in two versions:

• Temporary - Party;

• Permanent - guild.

Here plus is that you can call your friends and create a friendly group.

When you select the character you get in a certain class of each city. And there you have chest designed to lift your money.

Throughout the game, you can find plenty of interesting and fascinating facts.

Also, the game Mu Online Free gives you the opportunity to survive in the game, that is, you do not need to use real money. But still you will not get rich easily.

The game is made in good graphics, you can easily distinguish between the situation of the city. Ideal traced characters, nothing to trailers. Sound memory and does not distract from the game.

In general, you can start the game with fantastic characters in their charming world. You play good!

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