Music Wars

Alternative names: Music Wars, War Music

Online Game Music Wars - a new free MMORPG browser game with 2D views from the company Destiny Development. SaundSiti residents to fight for their musical tastes, defending their point of view with their fists. You simply choose the appropriate category of metal, rap, rock and glamor, given their preferences. Your character - a representative of the musical group. Play Music Wars you can by logging in with Facebook or VKontakte. To do this requires registration in the game Music Wars, in which you inform all the necessary data (game name, email, password). System requirements differ modesty, because your PC must meet such simple parameters as:

  • OS Windows
  • Processor ( Pentium )
  • 2GB RAM
  • Card
  • Sound card
  • Internet connection
  • Usual does

Certainly must be installed Adobe F lash Player 11. 4. Dear milomany and just gamers, discover this amazing game! You are just waiting for a pleasant experience!

Travelled Music Wars registration will allow to be in the character window, where you will control his actions. To earn game money, perform a variety of quests. After reading the job, proceed to execution. If successfully cope - reward is guaranteed! Their savings have to spend on equipment. Everything you need you can buy in a special shop. In assortment there are weapons, amulets, pets and more. Selected object you must move your inventory to the studio that is displayed on the profile menu.

You can also buy energy (for participation in combat requires a certain amount of it), different cards (give some advantages). Keep an eye on the amount of energy, or given its capital and represented the Stars.

Newbie help gain experience the top three masters. They are a lot of sense in matters of art, so that their tips can be very valuable. Should not blithely dismiss them, it's better to listen.

Play the game online Music Wars need pumping hero skills. Feeling confident in yourself, you can challenge other players and join the fight. Not necessarily have perfect musical hearing to prove his innocence. Music Wars game - this decision arose neponyatok using this argument as a physical force. Incidentally, the use of batons, fists and other accessories accentuate your intentions. Will retain the strong, nimble, tenacious players. Do not allow anyone to impose their views! Do not you think that you have just enough talent to climb the musical Olympus?

You can record your hero to take part in the tournament. Tournaments take place automatically. You also remains to be seen occurring events. If desired, together with friends, you can create a group - a kind of clan. There is a rating in which your group is going to take the first line, you only apply to this effort.

Chat allows ask questions, make comments or make suggestions. Do not miss the opportunity to comment on the emotions caused by the amazing gameplay.

Music Wars play you will be accompanied by pleasant music. Moreover available to pick songs on the radio is your country. Sound creates an atmosphere that is able to lift your mood and dispel sadness, inspired by the gray weekdays.

If you want to be abruptly, welcome to buy rubies. You can do this with the help of reals through WebMoney. Winner of rubies receive additional features that makes the game more interesting.

Next, connoisseurs! Win the respect in the uncompromising SaundSiti! Fulfill long-held dream now easily, the virtual world - the best way to rise to stardom! Good luck!

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