My Lands

Alternative names: My Land

Among the many different online toy stands My Lands. Specific system requirements is not here, to become one of the gamers of this game, only need to access the Internet with absolutely any computer and a web browser on one of the latest versions.

The game's plot is simple: My Land invites you to become the ruler of one of the city is divided into parts of the empire and fight for dominance in other areas of its other rulers such as small pieces of the once vast empire. Will have to fight for the magical black pearl. Is a resource, the possession of which gives you privileges at times. It can be found in numerous quests, but you can buy for the money unit. My Land game, which can participate both children and growns, is very easy for beginners. I must say that My Lands online registration perfectly simple and easy procedure during this game will tell you what will be the next step. For example, you may choose the city that will soon have your hero and his feet, making it a prosperous and successful. For this you need only fill in the fields, one with the name of his hero - login and enter the password in the appropriate field. In this case you also need to choose a race, will belong to your character. Their game My Lands offers four: light and dark elves, demons and knights. Who is good and who is - evil, here is easy to understand: dark elves and knights represent light and dark elves and demons - darkness. Each of them has an online game My Lands involves 8 types of troops. It includes representatives of various crafts: magicians, healers, arrows, and other mercenaries. There is also a special kind and - monsters.

Light Elves - Magic live in forests with huge waterfalls. Knights - inhabit the Holy Land.

Dark Elves (Drow) - hiding in the forests of the Damned.

Demons - prefer a dead land.

Each of them has some sort of bonus in the game to certain military units and, of course, in the extraction of resources. For example, elves bonus payable for the extraction of wood, and a bonus to combat units they receive as healers. They have the ability to revive after the battle. Knights issued bonus for grain and gold. They can also carry in your backpack twice others. Dark elves get encouragement for wood and iron, and bonuses they are entitled to a unit as magicians. Demons in scoring for the extraction of stones, and as other privileges, they during the attack may be stronger than other races in the third. So they get a plus as mercenaries. Thus we see that the balance of 3 races laid out perfectly, and selecting any of them you can reach the top thanks to the individual characteristics and skills of the chosen race.

And for those who can not wait to play the game online My Lands, adding that the Black Pearl - is not only a magical resource. It can not get by looting. They can pay for premium services. Besides this special trophy, there are several important natural resources that will be useful for the development and improvements:

- Tree

- Cereals

- Stone

- Gold

- Iron.

These five resources can be extracted in various ways, then - for the moment, in storage, but you can extract them from the enemy, capturing his store. This is called a combat mission in the game. Players have also non-combat tasks. For example, you can explore the kingdom, to spy, monitor or even colonize and all, unless of course work.

In My Lands play a very easy and fun, you are waiting for new adventures and emotions, except that you will meet a lot of new friends.

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