Alternative names: Mystery, Mystery

Mystery Online - free multiplayer online browser-based game, which is designed to break patterns of representations of multiplayer online games. It should be noted that the online game Mystery is an analog card. Many may think that the most exciting and also the most costly card game - of course poker. But the specifics of card role-playing games is the case that the players are playing only their decks, and many rare cards are the order of several thousand dollars. So that the card board games more than once will compete with recognized amusements like poker, blackjack and others. In general, play online game Mystery interensoe be very precisely for those who have never dabbled in desktop role-playing games.

Join in the game Mystery is simple and straightforward. All you need to do - fill in your username and password. The developers have taken care to check Mystery did not take long and was not wearied maximum.

So, back to the game. What is - card role playing? This is analogous to the usual role-playing games with one caveat: all the events happening in the game, described on the cards. Each turn a player puts on the field and playing one card game situtsiyu described therein. Mystery online game that is not exception in this respect, but should pay attention to some details.

For example, you can not mindlessly spread once the most powerful cards, because each character has a certain amount of energy that is shared between each of the six elements, which belong to detect the card. Actually, of the elements in the game Presented fire, earth, water, air, death and neutrality, each of them affects how many of those or other cards you can use. They depict monsters that will attack your team first enemy. Basically, the game can be considered quite sbalansirovannnoy. But Mystery game online is not as easy as it seems at first glance: the snag is that someone luck can smile on the layout maps, and someone - no. And then the gameplay becomes very similar to taking away candy from a baby. So, the principle is this: If you come to a lot of the energy of water, the most rational monsters will attack this particular disaster, because they will be doing the most damage to your antagonist.

Surprising element in the game - neutrality, which combines all features other elements, and when you use a neutral card that consumes energy all the magical elements together. Cards this element can rightly be considered the most successful and rare. Do without such cards in battle is in principle possible, but looking at how powerful, as a rule, they are monsters - it is logical to assume that play the game online Mystery these cards worth. Online game Mystery quite catchy in its interface.

Immediately after registration you will play Mystery bit unusual, primarily because the first is not easy to navigate, and how what happens in the game. The best solution for you will trek to NPCs issuing task. Thus, in an unobtrusive way you get to know the mechanics of the quest online game and can quickly get involved in the process.

If desired, you can even become a powerful sorcerer and surprising, but the way to the Tower of Magi hard and thorny. During your training, you have to perform the task as difficult and just monotonous, arrange training fights that will not bring you experience, and only after some time the doors swing open the mage tower in front of you and you can learn something new in her palaces.

Play Mystery worth it, because only there you can feel the charm card and role-playing games to understand what is - to be able to correctly identify their opportunities and build tactics, looking for a combat situation. And all this - on the cards! Do not loiter, register and start your magic journey.

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