My Sunny Resort

Alternative names: My Sunny Resort

Play My sunny Resort (My sunny resort) resort area with their own hands.

to life has turned into a solid holiday on the beach, you have to build your own resort. This provides a chance My sunny Resort game, but will work to a bare patch of land appeared five-star hotel with all the amenities.

Etot browser simulator perfectly entertained at any time, but especially in winter, when you want to plunge into the caressing warmth of the summer sun. Private Resort is a dream that is easy to implement if My sunny Resort to play.

Not only do you want to escape to paradise island. Wishing to settle in a bungalow more than enough, provided that it is in a certain place, that is, the people there on vacation and made a positive opinion about the level of tinning and entertainment.

- Your task is to attract more customers than its competitors. As you play, you will learn the important subtleties of the game action. There is nothing unusual:

Vashi bungalows.

  • Stroyte building different naznacheniya
  • Obustraivayte bungalows with varying amounts zvezd
  • Nanimayte personal
  • Raznoobrazte leisure otdyhayuschih
  • Zarabatyvayte experience and valyutu

Nachinaya play the game My sunny Resort (My sunny resort), you join the traveling fans, tasteful relax and have fun. But as for you, first of all, a business, have to solve a number of important tasks.

Building next bungalow, you do not just put the house and create an interior inside to your liking. Remember that it should be comfortable, and each item improves comfort, making more expensive bungalows, and it affects your financial wealth and prestige of the resort.

Chem expensive room decor, the higher the class, but as the resort should be room for all possibilities purse, do not all houses a five star luxury. Populating bungalows follow the wishes of the people. You can give the group a room with two stars, even if they asked one, but do it in reverse will not work those who want more, nothing less.

Houses can post a 3-6. Over seashells most important currency, you can build a presidential suite or wedding.


It is proper to recall that need registration My sunny Resort. You can also invite friends by sending mail to the news with a proposal to join in the game space solar resort.

Now we return to the study of simulation capabilities. From my own experience, you know that people need more space to fulfill their whims:

Chem longer expands your resort, the more staff to service you need.

  • Lavki with suvenirami
  • Restorany and kafe
  • Diskoteki
  • Basseyny
  • Sportivnye site and zaly
  • Ekskursii
  • Punkty prokata

Hires him to be in the personnel department, as soon as you build to reach a certain level. Now you will have enough of chefs, trainers, souvenir sellers, balls, clothes, sweets and fruit, waiters and other employees. Managers will answer all questions, and other workers will produce, sell goods, as well as engaged in cleaning the bungalow and watering plants in the territories.

Skoro in iPlayer My sunny Resort you will be able to build a dock for boats and a taxi cab company, your guests can enjoy moving between the resorts and make pleasure trips.

Prohodite quests, earn money and reputation, communicate with the players, try to meet all the needs of tourists, and then we will not lack you to visit your resort is.

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