Alternative names: Mythology

Mythos Online - role-playing game, free of charge, the history of creation which deserves a separate note. The thing is that at one point the game's development was frozen Californian studio, focus on while developing the game Hellgate: London. After that, the right to rework the project was bought by Korean developers who would seriously take up the game and bring it to mind. After some time, developers have presented to the world the child completed. Mythos online game play that it would be interesting for any fan of the famous series Diablo, tells us about a variety of mythological battles and legends of ancient Greece.

Join in the game Mythos will not take you much time. Take it as you can on the site, or directly in the body of the game client, and here and there you will need to enter the same data: account name, your email address and password to access your account. After that, the mail you receive notification that the registration Mythos completed and you can start playing.

Online game Mythos is striking in its unusualness. One of its main features acts that in fact it is casual. What does this mean? Yes that volume audience that this game would be like, really really great. Actually, first of all, the developers have made sure that when the game you did not have any trouble, but only continuous never-ending pleasure. And, basically, we can safely say that they have mastered the task with enthusiasm.

Austerity interface - this is the main idea of ​​the game designers: nothing superfluous, only the level of health, mana and spell piktogrammki that you assigned to the left and right mouse buttons. The same design is expressed by asceticism and the gameplay itself. For example, the class system, surprised by its flexibility and simplicity. For example, you always played a mage, but at some point realized that it's not yours and decided to change their specialization. And then you go to the developers to make concessions. No creation of new characters, all you need to do - is simply to come to the nearest town and change there a special class at the NPC for a nominal amount of play money.

Mythos onlyn game is not persuasive for its originality, and say nothing like setting - no longer a novelty. But here's the design of everything that happens in the game - this is what makes the game slowly but surely moving up the ladder of successful online products. Probably played a role here is an interesting idea and designers attempt to make the game world a bit cartoonish, make paint in the harsh tales of ancient Greek myths. And even frightening Cyclops in this game something like a circus bear, waddling from foot to foot and squinting eyes.

Select a race in the game has absolutely no effect on the gameplay and features of the character, so starting the game online game Mythos, simply refer to their aesthetic preferences. Now a few words about each race: Men - noble, wise and strong heroes whose exploits his fame spread to many provinces, Cyclops same - it bumpkin and good-natured, but their strength frightens everyone who at least once with them encountered. Satire - born adventurers, always up to something and gets up, well Gremlins - is the only race that talking science "you", and for good reason, because only they know her - the future.

Only in the game are three game class: Pyromancer - lords of fire and evil spirits hunters. Just call them subservient Infernal and fiery weapon possession. Play online game Mythos this class will not be easy, but no menie interesting.

Blood Knight - a hero, a well-worn and have been in many battles, whose weapon is a gigantic huge sword or Battleaxe. Knights have the ability to wear heavy armor.

Same engineer - a clever inventor, which is contained in the arsenal even firearms. Apart from him, engineers can use explosives or even build a trap.

In summary, it is worth noting that playing Mythos would be nice to anyone who is not alien to the history of ancient Greece and who have always dreamed to feel the real hero of the ancient myths. Hurry, dreamlike world is waiting for you!

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