Alternative names: Nebesa

Heaven online - is a multiplayer game in fantasy style with no monthly fee, which combines the genres of role-playing games, logical games and strategy.

To play the game Heaven online, you will need a high speed internet connection and Adobe Flash Player installed the latest version. Downloaded to your computer and install any additional software - not required.

Join in the game Heaven is not required - you can log in using your account at social networking sites such as YouTube, VKontakte, Facebook and Mail. ru. If you decide to go this route, then check Heaven prompts you to access your data, and then prompts you to select your character and the fraction for which he will play. In social networks, you will find strong support - specialized communities where you can find all the answers to questions about the game. If you decide to register, you will need to go through the standard procedure

- Enter the address of the electronic mailbox

- Password

- Code from the image

- Agree with the terms of this agreement.

Further instructions will be sent to your email. Log in, then there is an entrance to the game, will be at the address and email address and password. Heaven online registration is complete, and you can immerse yourself in the wonderful world of flying islands.

Online Game Heaven focuses on the confrontation between the six cults, divided into two opposing factions. Each faction has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as its patron and special distinguishing mark. Heaven online game offers you to choose how your character will be, and what are the main characteristics of it will have

- Cult of the Virgin is famous for its healing abilities, beauty and possession of special recipes, a sign of the cult of the Virgin is a white feather;

- To ultra Festival - the most cheerful cult fans who love to party revels, their distinctive sign - rose;

- To ultra Defender (- sign snarling lion's head) - it advocates for justice, they hate strife;

- Cult of Sorrow (tambourine) and know that everything in this world is transient, and only pain and suffering forever;

- Cult Terrifying whose hallmark is the spider, faithfully serving his patron, committing massacres and striking terror into all others;

- Cult Destroyer (skull) is guilty of discord, hostility, and burning hatred.

When you start to play the game online Heaven, you will become the Guardian of his own island, where you will have to build a building: tree, cave, school magicians, arena, shop. The higher the level of your buildings, the more features you will be available. Of course, the level of buildings also depends on your level.

To play in Heaven, you will have to fight battles with the ministers of other religions, thus gaining experience. From experience, it depends on the speed with which your character will move to another level. Every fight - a small separate puzzle game in which you will have to build a chain of three stones. Each stone bears its function, and you have to break your head over what strategy will be most advantageous in a particular case. To play in Heaven, you will not only senseless enough to press the button strike during combat, no, you will need to use their logic skills.

Heaven online game compares favorably with similar browser (those that do not require downloading additional software) games to its unique, bright and colorful graphics, reminiscent of ancient Indian paintings or paintings Vallejo. In any case, this game will not let you get bored.

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