Need for Speed: Rivals

Alternative names: Need for Speed: Rivals
The game Need for Speed: Rivals is an exciting cross-platform computer game, which was developed in the genre autosimulator. This game was created by studio Ghost Games specifically for consoles and personal computers. This game was published in 2013 by Electronic Arts. In the video game series Need for Speed ​​- this 20-th anniversary version. Download Need for Speed: Rivals you have the opportunity with the official site or from any other that provides this access. Game Need for Speed: Rivals can download grown users only for persons who have not attained the age of majority, to access the game is closed, if there is no parental permission. Before the game, you can see about the game Need for Speed: Rivals video. In the videos, and represents the brightest moments of the main game. About the game world Need for Speed: Rivals review will reveal the most basic points: the game's story, gameplay, and the main game moments. Need for Speed: Rivals pc is the most popular arcade racing game that combines elements of several previous installments of the game series Need for Speed. Data elements include - high-speed races on motorways, the opportunity to play for the rider, and a police officer, to the chase here present. The main feature of this game project is a unique technology networking races called AllDrive. It combines a single, joint and group rides. The game Need for Speed: Rivals You can play not only standard but also to exotic cars. Here you will find the police persecution at tremendous speeds. In the game you can play as a regular rider or be a cop. One feature of the game is updated 11 gadgets, as well as electromagnetic devices, shock waves, and the ability to book roadblocks. Events in the game take place in a fictional country - Redvyu County. The game Need for Speed: Rivals has a system of competition between friends. You may want to compare stats, participate in competitions. Also you can show off achievements. Here was introduced a unique new system «AllDrive», it provides an opportunity to move to a single game. Also, you will appreciate the dynamic weather system. According to many researchers, it makes the game world is much more alive than every other game of the series Need for Speed. Developments happening in this part means "speed list" for the drivers, as well as ad hoc appointments for cops. In the game you have to implement all the mission sets of tasks, thus including reckless driving, racing and maneuvers. Appearance of cars is limited by changes in texture. Game NFS Rivals rich cars. This series of game vehicles 69. Cars racers and police differ greatly. Car fewest residents. This game is a total power received more positive reviews. If you are fans of high speed, incredible events, the Need for Speed: Rivals will give you an incredible amount of positive emotions.
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