Nemexia Evolution

Alternative names: Nemexia online

Nemexia Online - browser-based multiplayer online game in which the player will control the whole planet! Erection of a strategically important buildings, the construction of the mighty and invincible space fleet - all are your priorities in the game. All the planets, which opens up your online game Nemexia located very close to the stars, just like in our solar system. Affects an extensive range of different buildings, improvements and military equipment.

Join in the game Nemexia, by the way, is simple and straightforward even for a novice. In Nemexia registration takes only a few minutes. Just four fields of information about you and your account activation via email and online game Nemexia appears before you in all its glory Sway.

The developers have paid a lot of time this component, apparently believing that this is the main by holding interest in the game.
Surprisingly, when you start playing the game Nemexia online game interface that you see first of all that awaits you is in a futuristic style, in general, easy to use and pleasing to the eye of its extraordinary.

Buildings and ships in the game very nicely rendered and watch razrostayuschimisya megakonglomeratami very nice, exactly like watching to see how space ships travel through the space around your home planet. But over by a celestial body which is given to you, the artists of the game for some reason did not plugging away and form their own impressions of it leaves ambiguous.

Initially, we allow osvoitya and play the game online Nemexia through quests, we clearly explain features of gameplay. By the way, unlike many other games Nemeksiya not cause disgust and unwillingness to play the initial stage, but on the contrary - from the first minute you started playing the game online Nemexia, c first tasks you feel someone in this interesting and original universe and in your soul more and more lights twinkle interest: "What will happen next? "- And then you ask yourself.

In Nemexia, as in many other fantastic games, the struggle is for resources. Apparently, the problem of their kollichestva excites many developers in the field of computer games. :) Now, before all of us who started playing Nemexia acute need for three types of resources: metals, minerals and gas. As usual in today's world, all the resources have come to an end, and so dispose of them to the mind, exactly as not to go too far, convulsive organizing their prey. Resources are the elements necessary for the construction of buildings, fleet and various improvements in the game.

Warships are necessary not only to defend against invaders, but also to attack the enemy planet Nemeksii. Of course, if the goal is not the destruction of the antagonist, the dominance over its resources for sure.
Alternatively products sustain the planet acts energy - another type of harvests in the game Nemexia. Its level is maintained thanks to the installation source on your planet receiving energy star, to put it simply - solar panels.

After registration in Nemeksii, the player can choose one of three races, to which he would like to join. Each of the different races, both external and technologically and this choice depends on the emphasis of development of your own planet.

Galaxy Nemexia play in which you brought, look great, and their occupancy is always such that starting the game, you have at itself near as skilled allies and interesting enemies of different levels of development. So it will not be bored - that's for sure.

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to a desert island? Take up! At your disposal - a huge planet! And everyone on this planet only in your hands thanks to browser game Nemexia!

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