Alternative names: Neolands

Neolands Online - multiplayer browser game, free of charge, which has a lovely Russian localization and related to the style of fantasy. By genre online game Neolands Online otnostitsja from part to role-play and in part to the strategy, divorced huge amount of quests. Another pleasant surprise of the project is that each player can contribute to the development of the project itself and the gaming universe.

Register Neolands game does not take very much time. All that is required of you - specify an account name and password for secure access. And when your screen will display a message stating that the registration Neolands complete, you can safely start the game.

Recently, very often it turns out that most modern games have their own life cycle, having come to an end as far as how the game plays out and away with the race in its market. Neolands online game is very bright and a good example of the kind of work can be done online gaming community for developing and maintaining brand favorite game. Play Neolands can even those who have never seen an online game.

Administrators are very closely watching the gameplay and believe that order and timely assistance in the problematic issues in the game - this is one of the priority areas for the administration of the game. It is because the game multovodstvo strictly forbidden. After registering the character you created is assigned its own individual totem, and his view is determined by the time of day that you have completed the registration.

Distribution characteristics of your game hero - it's your own business, and no one will impose its choice will not, but do not discount the fact that different types of classes have a greater need for performance and a smaller one - other . Naturally, are provided for the different classes and different varieties of equipment, which can always be purchased in specialized stores located in the central square of any city. At your disposal for distribution are five characteristics: strength, health, intuition, intelligence and response. Neolands online game in which you want to weigh everything before you engage in the distribution of points for your game character.

Have not gone away in the game and craft specialization. In order to learn a particular craft, you will need to buy a special book. They are sold in the library, located on Garden Street. Clans in the game worked out well. Actually, in order to create a clan, you'll need to arm yourself with a certain amount of finance to draw your guild icon size to 14x14 and have a clan site. For those who have problems with the last paragraph, we can advise to use specialized hosting companies, which have the ability to create sites for the guild template.

Actually, each clan has the opportunity to choose one of the opposing forces together: Light, Darkness, Equilibrium or Chaos. Just at your fingertips the ability to build and develop their own clan village, which may eventually turn into a huge fortress, which will be a settlement for you and your teammates. Pleased that the presence of the castle, the guild receives specific game bonuses. As you can see, to play the game online Neolands will be much nicer if you join your fellow friends.

Summing up all the above, I must say that Neolands - charming and svoeboraznaya game. Svoeobrazanaya because it is very difficult to bring under a specific pattern is due to the open and high-quality work of the administration. Sign up and make sure that you do not play Neolands never get bored!

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