Neverwinter online

Alternative names: Neverwinter online

The game Neverwinter Online is looking for brave knights.

World of fantasy is growing, offering players unusual plots, mysterious worlds. Becoming the hero of another adventure, you can discover new facets of the genre, visit enchanted castles, fight with otherworldly creatures. Fans of such stories will immediately go to the dark labyrinths of dungeons for hidden treasures and ancient secrets that are stored by the game Neverwinter Online, based on the fantasy role-playing product Dungeons Dragons. Forget all fear and protect the city of Neverwinter by participating in battles.

Tut you are waiting for dragons, evil gnomes, a lot of tasks. You will need endurance, excellent reaction, excellent possession of weapons and a desire to win. Since everything is built on the dynamics of events, there is not always time to think. Act intuitively, but do not forget about tactics. Behind each character is a real person, and the outcome of the battle will show who is better prepared for the harsh realities of this world.

All the characters are endowed with certain skills, and the menu of all the proposed abilities eight will help to get acquainted with them. Let not a lot, but all the skills are only useful.

Dating with classes of heroes.

Heroes are divided into five classes with features in the characteristics, and before Neverwinter Online play, they should be familiar with:

  • Magician Lord. This is the owner of the most powerful magic, crushing the enemy. It costs him nothing to control the will of people by resorting to the power of the mind and the elements of ice, as well as using the help of a sphere striking energy rays.
  • Fist cleric. As an ally, he is indispensable. It supports your faith and strength, and helps to heal your wounds.
  • Planet-Dodger. The name is fully justified, since such a clever warrior, who perfectly owns a couple of daggers, must be searched. He masterfully disguises himself, sneaking up on the sly and treacherously smashes his cold weapons into the enemy.
  • Fearless Warrior. Armed with a two-handed sword and chained into steel armor, it is almost invincible.
  • Warrior Guard. Perfectly shows itself in hand-to-hand combat, owning attack and defense techniques. He is courageous and furious, and his sharp sword seems to merge with his master, becoming a natural sequel. Well, massive armor turns it into an inaccessible target for attacks by the enemy.

Each character is able to change the course of events, bravely fighting. And to become one of them, you need to Neverwinter Online download, try on the role and choose the one that you like more.

Pass quests, choose a profession.

The ability to create your own missions is a pleasant surprise from iPlayer developers Neverwinter Online. Having come up with a task, expose it for passing by other players. But, try to make it interesting, otherwise a low level will not pass moderation.

Each can enter the rubric and select a quest, having studied his requirements: travel time, difficulty, reward, other characteristics. By the passage, you can invite other participants or go to the feat on their own. You can also find out the opinion of other players about it and leave your own by writing a comment and rating it.

After the tenth level, choose a profession:

  • Alchemist
  • Lider
  • Master manufacturing armor
  • Weapons
  • Mikstur

Give your assistant a task, and while they are working on a new subject, you will do something else, such as a battle with dragons.

The spectacular look in Neverwinter Online battles that take place between teams of 5x5 or 20x20. You can fight with players or monsters by selecting PvP or PvE type of battle.

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