Neverwinter Nights 2

Alternative names: Neverwinter Nights 2

Game Neverwinter Nights 2 refers to role-playing computer games that are created style RPG. Events in the game take place in a fantasy world in which you, as a major player, you will need to explore dungeons, forests and cities.


Computer game Neverwinter Nights 2, you can download on any site that provides such an opportunity. However, in most cases NWN2 free and very difficult to get the game you will need to order the drive.


Before you start to play Neverwinter Nights 2, you need to check whether your computer meets the requirements for the game:

1) Pentium 4 2. 0 GHz - Processor.

2) 512 MB - RAM.

3) 6.5 GB - HDD.


Play Neverwinter Nights 2 You start by creating your character. During which you must choose which race and class to which it will belong. Throughout the development of your character, you will open up access to other, prestige classes, as well as in front of you will open up new opportunities.


In Neverwinter Nights 2 characters have their own unique characteristics:

1) Power - affects the ability of the character lifting heavy objects, and also cause damage to the enemy and hit probability.

2) Dexterity - is the ability of your character to avoid attacks and evade the different types of weapons (melee or ranged).

3) Endurance - your resistance index.

4) Intelligence - determines how many points the skills you get when you go to a new level, and also affects the spell.

5) Wisdom - is the number of possible spell power.

6) Charisma - is the possibility of magic, wizards, bards and paladins.


From sex selection will depend on what the characters and how they will relate to your character.

Neverwinter Nights 2 Classes are divided into major and prestigious. Basic classes are available in the game from the outset, and prestigious with time.

The main classes in Neverwinter Nights 2 are:

1) Bard - a class that can hit through songs. It can also induce fear and cause fear in opponents.

2) Barbarian - a class that no one to fear. During its fatigue strength decreases, and it becomes much weaker.

3) Warrior - this class is universal. Warriors are strong in melee and excellent shot at sensible distance.

4) The Wizard - is a versatile class for magicians. At the beginning of the game from them a little persuasion. Very long to pump it throughout the game.

5) Druid - a class that has the power of healing.

6) Priest - this is the most promising class. He owns various spells and magical abilities.

7) Warlock - a magical class that uses spells for his charm. Sorcerer can not get more skills.

8) Monk - a class that possesses the skills to good melee.

9) Paladin - a class that is very limited in outlook.

10) Dodger - a class that has a strong damage, but it is very difficult to manage.

11) Ranger - a hybrid warrior and druid. This means that she possesses the skills as a druid, and a warrior.

12) Warlock - a class that possesses skills in magic.

In Neverwinter Nights 2 quests you will fall out of different levels of complexity. You should perform them in full force, to get maximum points.

Enter the world of Neverwinter Nights 2!




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