Need for Speed: Shift

Alternative names: Need for Speed: Shift

About the fact that what the experimenters were the founders of the legendary project NFS, heard only by those who are far virtual space and is not familiar with computer games. And all who remained unaware of the number of how many updated, added, and made innovations that survived this project. The game Need for Speed: Shift - it's the next thought on this subject. This series differs from the previous games in that race is rightly considered a stimulant, and not the usual arcade. The only drawback, which, in general, without difficulty, may decide after the visit of the relevant topics in the forum - the difficulty in controlling the car.

Along with this game NFS Shift is the maximum realistic and plausible. Each car is equipped with cameras from the cabin, steering wheel with pedals, but at the most insignificant tyunninga will give you the probability to win thanks to the precious seconds in competition. With each new race is likely to see a new look on you trusted means of transport. Like most such opportunities for true car lovers. With each new piece you can change the style of the vehicle on the road. Actually these changes you will need to watch for the entire gameplay.

Each race looks quite the same type, but still from this fact is not lost interest. Following this, as you will be able to download Need for Speed: Shift have the opportunity to learn about what each computer that contains the driver in this game will be different outrageous behavior. In order to get used to the track and feel it fully it will need to travel on not a few races.

This game continues to use the career ladder. To the opportunity to open a new class player must collect due share Stars experience. Thanks to your skill, you can jump to the classes above. NFS Shift download possibly also due to the fact that there are implemented the possibility for the race "by invitation" which will fight with opponents and had distracted from the mundane tasks of passages.

In this game you will be able to open all its potentials, as in the majority of the gameplay is ruled specifically on the personal qualities of the player. And in all this aid represented canceled (on conclusions gaming critics is one of the best for all projects) and marvelous graphics (which has become a tradition) musical support.

And for smartphone android Need for Speed: Shift for PC and have the possibility of using the multiplayer parties, socialize and compete with other players in the game and with different parts of the globe. When you open the standings, showing your abilities and all that you have reached the level of rivals for estimating driving qualities.

Particularly famous among the participants of the gameplay is a duel mode, choosing which Need for Speed: Shift machine for each new race meet new ones.

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