NHL 09

Alternative names: NHL 09

Processor: 1. 3 GHz

RAM: 256 MB (XP) / 512 MB (Vista)

Video: 64 MB

Hard disk: 3. 1GB



NHL 09 - the latest at the moment part of the popular series of sports hockey simulator developed for personal computers. Choose your favorite team from any of the available world leagues, including the NHL '09, the Russian Super League, the Finnish SM-League, Swedish Elitserien and competition AHL farm club and national teams competitions and a great variety of tournaments, championships and competitions. Among the numerous game modes have the opportunity to play a single game or spend the whole season, managing your favorite team. And if that you seem a little, then the game NHL 09 will give you the opportunity to feel as a coach one of the teams in the league and with zero tradition create great club, creating a combination of players signing promising young people participating in the transfer transaction, and even participate in the development of infrastructure club. Play NHL 09 can be in the team, and in single-player mode, creating his protege and sending it to one of the league's teams, and completing installation of the coaching staff for each match, would be able to improve their technical and tactical characteristics of the passing path from promising newcomer to world hockey superstar.




Habitual for the entire series of sports hockey simulation NHL 09, became the point changes and the use of minimal modifications of the graphics engine. NHL 09 but got much more than situational changes and new video of goal celebrations, there was substantially revised management games, optimized for operation without a gamepad. Play NHL 09 in various ways, using different control methods. Simple type of control is ideal for use on a conventional keyboard, but it deprives many opportunities dribbling and other technical elements point. Professional type of management has a wide range of settings and a variety of complex elements, including throws delayed false swing and stroke elements. However, use this control mode the keyboard is practically impossible in NHL 09, the game is on the controller will require additional hours on mastering techniques.


Difficulty levels


Begin their journey in the world of high hockey game NHL 09 will offer us with the easiest difficulty levels, when control player can be reduced to only the three keys and arrows, and aiming at a certain corner computer will take over. The higher your skill will grow, the easier it will become to play even with the most powerful rival and to keep the spirit of sport and level of difficulty expanding the management team will have to raise. NHL 09 game, which in this respect a wide range of options. In the management team, you can make yourself a pair of triple attack and defense, to select the most successful combinations into majority and minority, select tactics for each level, taking into account the individual characteristics of each player, although it is possible to entrust it to all virtual assistants. All in the game 5 difficulty levels at which your opponent skill games, speed and precision gear will grow, and with it, your players will show errors in the game. Besides all this, additional difficulties can make manual aiming while the puck is shot or self-holding shifts gaming units.

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