Nier Automata

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Nier Automata is an action game with RPG elements. You can play on PC. The graphics are of excellent quality, a little dark, but very detailed and beautiful. The game is voiced by professional actors, the music matches the general style.

In Nier Automata you will fight against mechanical monsters that drove people from the earth. Your character is not human, he is an android warrior created by the resistance to regain the lost world and destroy enemies.

The game has an interesting plot. During the passage, many secrets will be revealed that will change the perception of what is happening.

The combat system is quite complex, in order to master basic skills you need to go through a small training mission in which, thanks to tips, you will be able to understand the controls.

After this, you can go on a journey full of dangerous battles.

  • Travel through a world enslaved by machines
  • Find all hidden locations and explore them
  • Deal with the enemies you meet, even though it won’t be easy
  • Expand your arsenal of ranged and melee techniques, combining different attacks you can defeat any enemy
  • Find a powerful weapon that will give you an advantage during battle
  • Complete secondary tasks in order to gain additional experience

Here are the main tasks that you will do while playing Nier Automata on PC.

Battles take place in real time and look spectacular.

Even though the game has several difficulty levels, don't expect easy victories even if you choose the easiest mode. To win you need to combine close and ranged combat, maneuver and quickly adapt to the style of each enemy. You will be able to do all this only by gaining experience gained during unsuccessful attempts. The main thing is to save your progress often so that you can try again by changing your strategy on the battlefield.

If the game is too difficult for you at the beginning, activate automatic mode. In this mode, the game will help you combine attacks during battle until you learn how to fight on your own. Additional tasks will help you find powerful weapons, of which there are many in the game, and earn the experience necessary to level up. Try different types of weapons to see which one suits your individual style best. Be sure to complete the side quests if Nier Automata is hard for you to play.

The world in which events take place is very beautiful, but gloomy. You will have the opportunity to admire incredible landscapes while playing.

Nier Automata does not require internet, just install the game and you will be able to play anywhere.

Nier Automata download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. You can purchase the game on the Steam portal or using the link on this page. During sales days, Nier Automata can be purchased at a discount; check today for a significantly reduced price.

Start playing right now to take part in the liberation of the Earth and learn all the secrets of the magical world!

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