Ninja saga

Alternative names: Ninja saga

Ninja Saga Game: Naruto is with us again

If you are a fan of the anime series about Naruto Uzumaki, it's not surprising that your heart rate accelerated at the sight of the browser MMORPG toy about his new adventures. Let the game Ninja Saga is not like the original plot of the animated product, but all the key figures are present and periodically join the squad of the main character.

The game process can be divided into two components: battles on the one hand, and quests, trading, communication and exploration of space on the other. This makes the game varied, and since everything is happening against the backdrop of incredibly colorful landscapes, you will receive a huge portion of color therapy.

The style of anime involves a lot of special effects, and you can be sure that Ninja Saga will have to play using different tricks at every turn. Even the game screen always looks bright, motley with icons indicating the level of the chakra, skills, abilities and other data or control buttons.

Ninja characters and schools

Getting into the world of Naruto can be after activating your account, which is preceded by Ninja Saga registration. Type in the e-mail, password, and confirm it again. Then agree with the user agreement and click "register". Or use another option login via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and VKontakte.

Novices are offered a modest choice: girl or boy. But passing through game stages and completing missions, new faces, more mature and skillful, will become available. You can even invite Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Sasuke and Iruka to your team.

Classified by heroes in three combat schools:

  • Tajutsu. In this direction, emphasis is placed on training in conducting counterattacks and blocking enemy attacks.
  • Ninjutsu Pupils are trained to punch blocks of the enemy and inflict significant damage.
  • Genjutsu. This school instills pupils agility and flexibility to avoid the blows of the enemy, moving quickly and make unexpected attacks on himself.
There are advantages to

of each direction, but there are also disadvantages, and all points should be taken into account, putting players on the court before the fight. Experience in this will come gradually, because a simple description does not give the whole picture of the talents of the characters. Only by experiencing them in battle can one recognize the aspects of the characteristics of each.

Magiya quests and battles on the principles of schools "jutsu"

Before the battle, you have to put together your "gang", and the choice will be helped by descriptions of the characteristics of the characters, displayed opposite the portraits on a special screen. The battle itself is conducted in several stages, and you yourself direct your characters using different techniques and super-tools. Gaining more points will help QTE, if you are agile enough when an image of a certain button pops up on the screen, you need to find it on the keyboard and press more quickly.

Improve the quality of heroes will help the job, which gives the Hokage. All of them are dangerous and are associated with fights. After reaching the desired point, get ready to meet with the villains, who most often belong to the organization Akacki.

Long to find a destination is not necessary if you use an automatic navigation system that takes you comfortably and quickly to the place.

Minovinav level 22 Ninja Saga, you get to the Arena, where the most spectacular PvP battles take place. At first, the system itself selects opponents according to your rating, which is made up of: group composition, level of pumping things, scale of skills.

Summarizing, you can safely call the game first-class in its genre. Fans of anime and browser RPG will be admired, especially since it is Russified.

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