Ninja Wars

Alternative names: Ninja Wars

Game Ninja Wars - combines elements of MMO and RPG browser game with funny little creatures anime starring. Having started playing Ninja Wars, you'll find that its inhabitants are like none other popular characters from Naruto and Bleach. While you are not limited in choice, and tried to play one character, you can change it to another. As you look at the invitation to visit as Renji or Kiba, Vega or Cikamaru? Come interesting quests, perform missions of varying difficulty, give all possible assistance to the residents around you faerie destroy dirty monster boldly enters the fray with the other players. Whatever you do, put in this occupation soul - and then success in your pocket. Ninja Wars online events unfolding on the spacious locations, traced by hand. Talent of the master is impossible not to recognize all the colorful landscapes and stunningly beautiful. And most importantly, that all this splendor Ninja Wars gives you free. Rate the generosity of developers who have worked on glory, to create an original project.

To play the game Ninja Wars Your computer must meet the minimum system requirements. The game is not capricious technical parameters. Will be sufficient

  • The operating system Windows
  • CPU Intel one Core
  • 3. 0 Ghz
  • 1 Gb Ram
  • Must be installed Flash Player

If it's all right, the gameplay will be uninterrupted, and you plunge headlong into Ninja War.

Create your account to gain access to the excellent world of anime. Enter your username, password, and email address. Agree with the rules of the game and check Ninja Wars will make you a full member of inviting hilarious adventure.

Online game Ninja Wars has five villages - Fire, Wind, Water, Earth and Lightning. You start in one of them, and to lead you the way forward depends on factors such as style of play, your aspirations, these efforts. Over time, you can get access to the City of Demons, Valhalla, Las Noches or find dungeon Dungey. Wherever you nor skidded everywhere there is a bunch of jobs, which is calculated for the performance experience. But if you just want to walk quietly enjoy the contemplation of unprecedented beauty of landscapes, arrange for a tour to see the various sights and eastern animation building, which is full of Ninja Wars online.

Naturally, you need a game currency to buy your hero and make it odezhku anyone not like. Besides requires and armor, and weapons, and yet no one will give you for free. Therefore accumulate earned stones (regular game currency) and coupons (currency increased coolness). Ninja Wars game gives you the opportunity to make these kinds of currency directly game methods. But you can use gold, bought for real. Holders of gold Ninja Wars play somewhat easier. You get some nice advantages.

Besides the main weapons you can use scrolls, potions, reinforcing stones and many other items. Respectable than your stocks, the more chances of winning. Destroy the evil bosses, practice in small battles, and soon will be able to without fear of stepping into the arena to accept the challenge of worthy opponents. Prove that can repel even the best!

Ninja War Online is much more interesting for you, if you enlist the support of loyal pet. The better you take care of it, the greater will be the return. Cute animals feel your love and ready for anything just to help you.

Each character in the game has the basic characteristics of such attacks, lock, speed, endurance. These parameters will improve. But apart from these there are 10 skills without pumping that you will not be able to move forward. Constantly improve your skills such as Wind Technology, Equipment Ninja Technique fire Lightning Technology, Water Technology, Technology Earth Tech Seals, Body Tech, Tech Illusion and Medical Technology. Persevere - and will certainly be able to hit all his coolness!

This game will arouse positive emotions! See for yourself! Be happy with the funny anime characters!

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