Alternative names: NosTeyl

Unforgettable Adventures gives its players NosTeyl game that allows you to make a journey through the magical world of anime. Here you will find unexpected twists, interesting characters and exciting fights with opponents. Is fantasy game NosTale allows a very individual approach to the choice of your own character, from whose face and you can go from the simplest to the traveler magnificent magician or a brave warrior. The player himself gives his hero those skills and qualities that wants to see it. This allows characters to be unique. But the uniqueness of images - this is not the only good news for those who are going to experience the world NosTeyl.

Another good fact: in battle and your hero travels will not necessarily lonely. After NosTale online game makes its gamers a wonderful offer - make a friend and assistant, which will be useful in any situation. Such an approach is considered de rigueur for game creators. To tame the beast itself, we just need it - defeat the monster. Those who have this problem in force, can not survive on. Tamed creature does not need to bring too much - it is, grateful, of course you will come running after defeating the monster and become your friend and comrade in any battles and travel.

NosTale online registration is very simple and is done in three steps. To become one of the players in their respective fields need to specify a username that is the name that will live your virtual character. Next - create a password and do not forget to include your email address. To register also need to download and install the game client. Simply need to follow the prompts that gives the game and you will succeed! First in the game you will become an ordinary stranger. This is the first level, the level of beginners. But soon after you start to play online game NosTale, you have come new opportunities. First, from the stranger can easily find yourself in the Swordsman. Well, not so easily, of course, because if it were that easy, it would be absolutely no reason to strain, is not it? Gaining for themselves new and new magic skills, you can also get hold of the bow in its arsenal and, accordingly, become an archer. Finally, if you really really conjure hunting, please - you road to magicians. All this for the novice hiker will be possible only when it reaches level 15. It has three main professions that can master NosTeyl character. Master sword, bow or magic potions - this is a choice to suit your taste. About them we can talk in more detail.

Swordsman can fight with several. He, of course, fighting a battle both near and far. Skillfully brandishing his weapon, he has the power of the four elements. It's very hard to hurt, and certainly - to kill, because it imposed Chamber security and zhiznesohranyaemostti.

On counterbalance such a warrior can only put another - archer. This unit is fast, it catches the attention of all. His apt arrows hit the enemy in melee and ranged combat, and behind him the whole of nature, he has no way of energy. Perhaps that is what gives him a unique opportunity to poison the enemy right in the battle. He does it with spells.

But even more powerful spells and links to the forces of nature has a magician. So someone who, as he almost did not need a weapon. After all, he is well-armed with spells, magic rituals and other magical equipment.

In NosTale can play and collectively. For example, to meet a friendly company in 5-15 players and organized to go on a monster. Such a method of killing unwanted fantastic mammoth called the raid.

Fighting in several ways. You can create an open battle. Then fight and be able to apply their superabilities any mage, archer, swordsman or a beginner, just entered the game. And you can arrange a battle "for the". This battle will be considered closed and participate in it, not everyone can. Here are fighting only certain players. Create such carnage anywhere in the game can be with a special potion. In the game you will find a lot of secrets and nuances. But learning about them can only try to play a role in it.

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