Novus Aeterno

Alternative names: Novus Aeterno
It is curious that we live in a vast universe, which includes the present times inhabited part of a much larger in size of the universe. The universe is divided into seven clusters of galaxies. Recall that the galaxy - is gravitationally bound system of stars and star clusters, interstellar gas and dust, and dark matter. So, the Milky Way galaxy lies entirely within Orvonton and is his most habitable part. Researchers created space model of intelligent life on planets admits that the Earth is not alone in the endless expanse of the universe. The question arises: Does not seem "other civilizations" dangerous this "reasonableness"? By this, the game Novus Aeterno for thought for strategy and tactics. Striking dynamism and intensity plot of the game. Absolutely all actors entertaining confrontation staying in a single galaxy. The protagonist - General flagship earns medals, badges for battle, for the ability to quickly make the right decisions, for the manifestation of his diplomatic skills. With him and around him incredible events occur only general remains extremely focused and unflappable. He simply and effectively achieves the main goal - to neutralize the dangerous and violent enemy. Impressively, this character is like a man of flesh and blood changes appearance depending on the time of life. The general is decidedly all in the hope of saving the world from the machinations of madmen. Oh yeah, the universe is just an atom of the ball in the hands of the alien creatures. The game Novus Aeterno pc developed for personal computers, you (represented by General) will confront the insidious enemies, in whose hands - a major arsenal of weapons. In Novus Aeterno play interesting people of different ages and all professions. In addition, there are some in this game advantage over similar games, namely the ability to protect your empire from attacks in unexpected situations. So, if due to certain circumstances you log out, then all the functions will assume AI. Novus Aeterno gameplay video demonstrates the enormity of what is happening. Panorama of the damaging and impressive. Sense of belonging to all that is done, responsibility for decisions and an irresistible thirst for victory arise from the first moments of the game. Novus Aeterno you can download it by entering the game's official website. We hope that the review of Novus Aeterno gave fairly complete characterization of the game, interested in the original version of the existence of the universe and we reminded that space - a place where time and space do not obey the usual laws. Using the game of the latest achievements of science, models of our Galaxy, lets watch how stars are born and die, soar above the plane of the galaxy to understand its true form, scour its dusty spiral arms for the possibility of there to find new forms of life ... Let Novus Aeterno will brighten up your leisure, pleasure.
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