Fight Club OldBK

Alternative names: Old Fight Club, Old BK, OldBK, oldbk

Old BK online - this is one of the oldest multiplayer games in the Russian segment of the Internet, which inherits the tradition of incredibly popular in his time playing Combats.

Online Game Old BK does not advance to the computer user specific requirements, requiring only an Internet browser, the best Internet Explorer. The creators emphasize that play the game online Old BK is possible even on a smartphone.

Join in the game Old BK begins with the selection of the city - Avalon City or Capital City. Then Old BK Online registration will ask you to enter the desired character name, the address of the email account, password, repeat password, specify your gender, birth date, to agree with the terms of this agreement and enter the code from the image. Join Old BK finished and your adventure begins.

Old BK online game does not throw a beginner to understand the intricacies of the game itself. It offers chats - as general fiction, and numerous mini-chats. In addition, you can still go to the forum where experienced players will help solve all the difficulties, however, the characters up to level 4 on the forum to write prohibited.

The game world is based on the eternal confrontation between Light and Darkness, as well as on the presence of a neutral party, which is struggling to keep the balance between the warring parties.

Your character will have several characteristics:

- Force

- Agility,


- Endurance

- Intelligence,

- Wisdom

- Resistance.

You will initially be given points that you can distribute between the characteristics of their own. With the increasing level you will be given additional points, respectively, the characteristics will increase. If you do when you play Old BK, understand that you would like to redistribute the performance measures, the level 4, you can do it free from traditional healers, and 4 after the character level, you can do this either once a week or pay Healer for success.

Your character will be able to develop skill in game two: possession of a weapon and possession of magic. Mastery of arms is divided into 4 groups of skills: possession of knives and brass knuckles, swords, maces possession, clubs, axes and hatchets possession.

Each skill you can develop to a value of "five."

In the game you can master three types of magic: the magic of darkness, gray magic and magic light. Magic comes in handy to use protection spells, combat and neutral spells.

Just your character will have one of the inclinations, which in Game 5: the path of neutrality, the path of light, the true light, the path of chaos and the path of darkness. Addiction depends on the possibility of joining in one or another clan, as well as participate in large-scale battles.

When you're in the Old BK play, your character will be able to fight in the Arena of the Gods, or wander through the well-designed locations - a special play area that carry certain game features. This places such as: the central square, park street, Castle Square, and others.

In the game a huge variety of quests - ingenious special assignments, during which performance you gain experience, increase your level and get a reward unique things that will help you in future battles.

Game Old BK has a twist that makes it different from the others - this is a special in-game radio, which employs real DJs, and you have the opportunity to order your favorite song or send someone hello.

Online Game Fight Club Old BC continues the tradition of one of the first browser games Combats, which is famous for its one spirit, camaraderie and traditions scale meetings in the real world. Therefore, joining the ranks of those who love to play the game Old BK online, you will find yourself friends and associates not only on the Internet, but also in everyday life.

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