One World

Alternative names: One World, One World

OneWorld online - is a free browser-based game with stunning graphics and animation. You find yourself in a mysterious and enigmatic world in which lies a lot of interesting ...

OneWorld Online game available on any browser and does not require installation of the game client!

To start the game, you need Join OneWorld: when registering with the site (http://oneworld. qip. ru /) you will need to activate the service QIP, for this click on the main page on the "Register" button and the next page, enter the name and login. Further, in the new window enter the password, alternate e-mail, your gender, birth date, enter the code shown and agree to the terms of the game. After all this, click "Finish". Further, when you enter the game, you will need to choose a side (lighter or darker), sex of the character, name and avatar. After that, a new page enter your login (e-mail), the password specified code and accept the agreement rules. Click on "Register" and on this game Register OneWorld over you in the game!

OneWorld online game, as already mentioned, has a light and dark sides. To the bright side joined the Dwarves and Elves People, and the Dark - Skeletons, Dark magicians, Lychee and the like ...

Play OneWorld, you will be five units (characters) of which will be formed squad. Each unit has its own abilities that should be examined for what to use them in the game. In case of defeat in battle, your units do not die, they are reborn again. Through this, you will never lose his army. During the game, your characters will gain experience and acquire new skills that they will be stronger.

OneWorld online game has several levels of basic skills, which can master your units

Level F - this is the lowest level, which includes: craft, magic, equipment, science, command and control;

Level E - at this level are learned weapon skills: staves, daggers, axes, maces - warrior and mage - select the element used in the future;

Level D - this is a more detailed level. For example, in a certain category of magic, your character is invited to make a choice among the elements or particular section of magic ...

Other levels (C, B, A), are analogous to the above. Only difference between them is that they increase the strength of damage and spell casting your character or units.

Your hero are not fighting and combat options. To include Battle - Attack Physical and magic, physical defense and magic, Health Initiative, Health and Mana Regeneration in combat. And by not fighting - Health and Mana Regeneration, lift the curse and gain experience.

Play the game online can OneWorld beating monsters of resources that are needed for the production, the construction of buildings and pumping skills (many resources, so I will not mention).

The game has a store where you can buy and sell some things.

You will also have the opportunity to build such buildings as Warehouse, Building processing Tavern, Altar, Blacksmith, calligraphy, jewelry and Mine. Each building performs its function, so play the game online OneWorld will not be bored.

This game has a lot of different locations, quests and dungeons, and your first task will be to stay in a cave inhabited by terrible monsters and evil. With no experience, you will be helping guide who will help you in this task. After the assignment you will be given a reward in the form of experience, and something gold items.

In OneWorld can play, in such combat areas

PVE (player versus the outside world) - maps, dungeons, instances, it's all available to your character. You will be faced with many different groups of monsters, search for treasure, collecting chests with good, to do a variety of construction and space for conquest;

PVP (player versus player) - the whole card with different levels of risk. There is a system PVP points, sieges and clan fighting, conquest and plunder your opponent's cities, as well as the presence of rigid fatal.

In the game there is Kraft. Using this feature you can build a base, hire blacksmiths, alchemists, and other masters of calligraphy, you'll be able to improve their shops for better performance, and more ...

In this game, each player can have their own plot, which can be improved in the future and upset.

One World has two currency - coins and crystals.

Coins are: gold, silver and bronze, they can earn in the game, and the crystals can be bought at the Bank, as this is the most valuable currency in the game.

In this game there are many more interesting things: the rites, treasures, gifts, etc. etc. What would all see it and try it, go to process OneWorld profile!

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