Operation Flashpoint

Alternative names: Operation Flashpoint
Operation Flashpoint (OFP) - quadrupeds world series games: Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis (2001), followed by addition Operation Flashpoint: Red Hammer and, in 2002, was vypushena next version of the game called - Operation Flashpoint: Resistance. On this recording company Codemasters has not stopped and released sequel: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising in 2009 and Operation Flashpoint: Red River in 2011. You will be able to control and command the troops and not only soldiers, but also land, sea and air vehicles. In Operation Flashpoint missions can vary considerably depending on the decisions of the player and his choice of actions. But best of all it can be described as a tactical shooter with an element of vehicles in real time. Operation Flashpoint game takes place on the fictional and real territories and islands: Malden Island, as well as Kolguev Island, which is a transit point for Russian troops, plus Aveyron and Nogoviya - sovereign territory, the island of Skira and even Tajikistan. Flashpoint game will definitely immerse you in a world of wars and if you are not a stranger to the process of genuine tactical thinking, full-scale action game, and then measure the impact and making new plans, then hurry to download Operation Flashpoint and dive into the incomparable moments of relaxation and pleasure obtained from victories. PII 400MHz processor DirectX 8, 3D video card with 16 MB, 64 MB RAM, 450 MB hard disk space, CD-ROM, keyboard, mouse, sound card and DirectX 8. Picture and Video Operation Flashpoint have a good balance between image quality and speed of deployment. Territory players movement ends abroad only the islands themselves, and does not hinder the movement of players all over the field game. In the arsenal of soldiers presented: SMGS, pistols, grenades, explosives, anti-tank weapons, machine guns, rocket portable SAM, sniper rifles, etc. Not so important what part of the game you choose and for whom will play (USA, USSR, China, Japan, Russia), you can enjoy the game anyway. With a very clear interface that is easy to control, especially if you are familiar with other games in the shooter genre, it is as close to reality. Opportunity will remain only once on a mission with a successful shot can kill with a single shot, and can only be cured wounds doctor or dressing station, the soldiers themselves do not regenerate. There are two levels of difficulty: "Cadet" and "Veteran" on which no markings indicating your position or the position of your enemy on the map, as well at this level, there is a complex clues to the preferred direction of motion, the information about the soldier when you hover the sight and t . Alexei V. Guba (He is the main antagonist in the game, and the commander of the Soviet troops in Nogovii.
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