Siege Online

Alternative names: Siege Online

Multiplayer Siege Online is an original 3D-strategy medieval theme, in which you will be engaged in building castles, and settling in new territories by their capture. Kind of game mechanics, fun animation drawing and unique combat system - that's what you will encounter when you start to play the game online siege. Here you find yourself in a typical Middle Ages, and will search for the three key parts of the Stone Gate. Only by combining all three parts can be returned and the unity of the people to end the war. Here we offer a legend role-playing game developers Siege online. Well, go get acquainted with its features.

The process of creating an account at first glance looks a bit confusing, but in fact, as such Siege online registration you do not need. But it will take in the first place, before playing the siege, so this download, unpack and install the game client. Download it, you can without any complications on the official site. Thus, you have to be secured as your account and registration of siege. Well, in the future, if you wish to receive newsletters and other service information, your registration in the game Siege require an email address. To play the game online Siege desirable configuration of your computer in order to meet the minimum system requirements:

• Operating system Microsoft Windows XP / Vista;

• CPU Intel Pentium II (AMD Athlon or better)

• Memory of 512 MB;

• video card with DirectX 9. 0;

• free hard disk space 300MB,

• Connect to the Internet without a proxy server.

Like any strategy (in most cases) will not complicate the Siege online game you start creating your character and choosing race. There is nothing there. Game characters are presented:

• knights

• warriors

Of which currently choose the prettiest. In addition to your character, you are awarded land. On it you will rebuild the castle, making it inaccessible as possible. Choose Your Weapons Siege online game offers a very typical medieval theme - of course

• ax

• maces

• swords

• bows, etc.

Original battle system that depends on how things are going in your castle. If all is quiet, then all your loyal warriors yunnity go on the attack, but if the problem in the castle, and then the number of the attacking force yunnitov significantly affected. Well, it's an online game Siege and belongs to the genre strategy.

Although elements of role-playing game there is enough - to develop your character, you can pass through quests, or engaging in economic games (mining and trading resources). There are three running resource

• wood

• iron

• copper.

To extract them, respectively, at the sawmill or mine. Resources go to new lands to produce them here called Wild (one of the latest game updates). But beware, there you are waiting for the robbers and the right of free production will have to do some fighting. Do not want to? Then choose special quests, they are called "copper" or "iron", for which you get a bonus as indicated by the name of the resource. Also quests and resources, you can do "klanirovaniem" tobish create your clan and then the whole order. Feature of all this process is that your status will depend on the of status of those people that will go into your clan or order. For example, you gather around him barons and you have assigned the status of Viscount and so etc. And finally, one more thing, which is good to know - when you're playing in the siege, do not forget - any damage will harm not only your reputation, and even affect your material well-being.

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