ParaPa: City Dance

Alternative names: ParaPa, Parapa

ParaPa online - free multiplayer online role-playing game, implemented in a rather unusual format for CIS social simulator. What all is tied at the dance - it's all just in order to create a unique and unique atmosphere in the game, and the whole online game ParaPa was created to give players the opportunity to make new pleasant acquaintances, make new friends in the network and outside it, and maybe even meet your soul mate. That's right, because the game has a special opportunity to celebrate a wedding. All that is needed in order to get married - is to find a bride or groom, and with it go to a church where you solemnly crowned. ParaPa online game worth to try at least once to play it.

Join in the game ParaPa not take much time and is a very simple procedure. You will need to enter:

  • The name of your game character
  • Password for access to the game
  • Your email address

Once to your email inbox will receive a letter notifying them that the registration ParaPa complete, you can easily download the client and start playing.

System requirements the game is pretty forgiving, to play ParaPa, you must have:

  • Processor with a clock frequency of 700 MHz
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 128 MB video card
  • 4.5 GB free disk space on your hard drive

Game ParaPa online inherently is an advanced arcade and that is what captivates and play it. The controls are very simple and all you need to know - it's a few basic keys. Total at your disposal, there are four mandatory movement about a dozen steps and tricks huge number combo. In order to become the king of the dance floor, you'll need a pretty fast train your reaction. So that's uncomplicated way on the streets start out very real celebrity dance country. Of course, one technical knowledge will be quite enough, you will need to maintain the same pace, follow the rhythm, but it is not as easy as it may seem.

Most dance steps in the game are measured in a fixed number of points determined by the quality of execution of these movements. Starting to play the game online ParaPa not be discounted such an important game indicator as drive. This is analogous to the combo system that allows you to perform very complex tricks and dance combinations that will be richly valued.

Play game ParaPa sure to enjoy not only the professional dancers, and those who have never tried it myself in this role. Social games provides that the heroes in the game editor thought to detail and is a great tool for creating a unique character. Your imagination will be your real helper, because no restrictions when creating a character in the game no. Your character might look like, what you only want: it will copy your or else the absolute opposite - it is up to you.

In the game there are four kinds of game currency:

  • Coins
  • Points
  • Checks
  • Dance

Points earned during dances

Checks can be purchased from the auction

Coins are essentially equivalent to the real currency that you put into the game

Dance same kind of rewards are issued to you for the victory in a variety of dance duels or tournaments. By the way, the thing standing and compete for it is certainly worth

This variety of play money, you can safely spend on buying those or other amenities in the form of clothes, shoes, accessories or items of your wardrobe. If you care about your status, you can even get a motorcycle or car. It should be noted that Play ParaPa more interesting when, in addition to va ParaPa will play more and your comrades.

The game has a clan system, finding that among other things gives also a real bonus.

Summing itok under all described above, it must be said that the game Parapa great, it will give you an unforgettable time in the virtual world of dance and allow to have a couple of interesting new friends. Do not loiter, register and take a dip in the real city of dance!

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