Path of Exile

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Path of Exile is one of the most significant action RPGs since the genre's inception. The game was released a long time ago, but the graphics look good even by today's standards. Audio design raises no objections either. But it is not the graphics that distinguishes this project from a number of similar games. This is the most hardcore game in the genre. If you want to easily and naturally go through another RPG in a couple of evenings, then this is not the case at all. Even true masters of the genre will have to work hard here.

Before playing Path of Exile, choose a class, there are six main ones here:

  • Savage - Conqueror, Warchief, Berserker
  • Huntress - Sniper, Raider, Tracker
  • Witch - Necromancer, Elemental Mage, Occultist
  • Duelist - Slayer, Dimacher, Champion
  • Priest - Inquisitor, Hierophant, Protector
  • Bandit - Assassin, Saboteur, Rogue
  • Noblewoman

As you can understand from this list, the game's classes are not so simple, most of the classes also have subclasses with a total of eighteen.

The leveling system in the game is, without exaggeration, outstanding. There are about one and a half thousand skills, which of them to develop is not easy to choose. You can experiment endlessly, but you should only do this if you are an extremely experienced player in this genre. If you do not want to waste time on endless experiments or are not such an experienced player, you can easily find ready-made development schemes on the Internet without much difficulty.

If you dare and start playing, be prepared that your character will die quite often, you just need to put up with it. In some places in the game, the complexity is beyond the limit and the type of pumping with which you can comfortably go through the game simply does not exist. We'll have to strain and understand the difficult combat system. To score opponents with the simplest blows, as is sometimes the case in such games, will not work here.

At the beginning of the game you will be taught the basics, and then sent to figure out the rest on your own. Training is short and not intrusive. Experienced players will love this. It annoys many when you already want to play, and at this moment the developers take you half the game by the hand, showing and explaining everything.

Practically from the first minutes, a full-fledged game begins here. They don't leave you time to build up. Be prepared that you may not complete the first starting quest in one attempt, especially if you are new to games of this genre.

The game has a built-in market where players can trade. But do not think that everything here can be bought for gold, the currency when making transactions are various materials to improve weapons or armor. In fact, instead of trade, there is barter.

You can download

Path of Exile for free on PC if you follow the link on this page. The game is really completely free. There are in-game purchases here, but these are just visual embellishments, the developers specifically made sure that purchases do not affect the gameplay in any way. By purchasing anything in the game, you, in fact, express gratitude to the developers for their titanic work, but no one forces you to do this.

Install the game right now and start your journey through the fantasy world! If only the above didn't scare you too much ;)

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