Alternative names: Thick
Inferno game is one of the most interesting computer games that you can find in the social network VKontakte. In Inferno game you play online, developing and protecting its own planetary colony. You have an important task in the game to decide the destination of the galactic values, as well as to perform critical missions in the game. You have to play Sunshine of the established sequence, in studying and passing, which you will need to be closer to the ultimate goal, which is the release of the galaxy. Sunshine Play free you will after you charge to manage a small colony, which is located on the edge of the galaxy. You have all the time to build buildings and upgrade them. In addition, you must search and research new areas in the game. Also you have to create a personal army and engage her training. During this, you must provide them with the necessary equipment and various kinds of ammunition for their soldiers. The game Sunshine vkontakte as well as in other games, you will not be able to perform assigned tasks, if you do not have available the necessary resources. This can be a metal and fuel. In addition, the game Inferno, there is another scarce resource, which is called the crystallite. In order to play in the Sunshine online and receive the necessary resources you have to constantly deal with their prey. To do this you have to build rigs, fuel stations and kristallitovye mine. With these platforms you will need to extract the desired metal in the crystal mines - crystallites, and fuel stations, respectively - fuel. Depending on increasing your financial capabilities and strategic needs in the online game "Sunshine" will come a time when you have a need to expand the army. To do this, you have to find new warriors in special institutions. It should be noted that the size of forces completely linked to the situation that occurs in reliquaries and Staff. One of the main roles in the game plays a munitions factory at which the production of ammunition. Engaged in their modernization and development research center. Since the universe is to defend a difficult task, the game developers have provided a certain type of tips in passing a flash game "Inferno." These include: 1. Sami tips. If you are unable to cope with long specific mission, then you need to click on the shortcut menu, a special button "Start". After that you will see a prompt that will definitely help vamv game; 2. It is best not to rush into the breach and venturing a battle if you do not believe the strength of his army. First, you should make sure they. 3. Attributes needed for you can not only buy in the store, but also to obtain from its allies. The more you will have allies, the better for you. 4. You will need to engage in ongoing training for its unique army, directly depends on your victory.
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