Crossroads of the Worlds

Alternative names: Warcross

Once upon a fantasy world nations quarreled with each other and began a bloody war. Evil witches floated destructive magic - and the world was broken into many pieces. Many centuries Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs and Hobbits languished in the darkness of chaos, but they came to help the good wizards. So there was a crossroad of the world - a place where all the fantasy characters can come to a fair fight to determine who among them stronger.

Online game worlds Crossroads invites you to the stunning world of mighty warriors, skilled craftsmen, traders cunning and wise wizards.

Game Crossroads online worlds will you please even the most unpretentious computers. Minimum requirements: single-core processor 2.33 GHz, 256 MB RAM, graphics card with 128 MB of graphics memory.

Join in the game worlds Crossroads happens simply and quickly. On the "Login to the game" click "register". Next invent login, generate password and specify working email address to receive the letter with an activation code. After you need to enter the name of the game character - nickname, create it to your liking. You also need to choose one of five races and then specify your gender, name, birthday, country and city. At the end of recruit-characters pictures captures, reads and confirms the rule. If you come to the game on someone's recommendation - Provide information in the "Referee". At this registration Crossroads worlds over, after activation start the game.

But let's first look at playable races closer, otherwise you are unlikely to get to play the game online worlds Crossroads as well as do the local masters and gurus.

Ras Game Crossroads online worlds only five.

People differ force that causes great damage to the enemy when attacking. Orcs are endowed with powerful crit - the ability to do damage to one and a half times more. Gnomes differ powerful retaliation. Elves are very agile, easy to dodge the enemy attack, and the hobbits luck. Each race has its strengths and weaknesses, its quantity of manna and reserve units of life.

The unique qualities of the game character called the article, after every victory they grow - the hero of "pumped." On display to become a big influence parameters: Impact force Impact weapons, defense, dodge Charm, Good Luck Charm, Charm crit Ward answer. Crossroads of the Worlds online game impossible without systematic leveling your character's stats and parameters. For each race there are a few basic schemes of pumping and invented many players.

Leveling occurs during a fight with a shadow, your sparring partners - and in the future - the best assistant in the duels. And, you can invite the company of some experienced player and go to the scary dark forest fight monsters. Play the game online worlds Crossroads worth to begin with leveling your character to a certain level. If you feel that you are full of heroic strength - go to the Arena, where challenge each other fighters Crossroads worlds and let you get lucky! Remember that weak warrior people will not be able to break through the protection of the pumped gnome and nimble elf higher level will be immune to the terrible orc.

Warcross game will take you beyond the bounds of reality in a world of adventure and exciting events

Crossroads of the worlds online registration will give you a chance to let off steam and to revel in the virtual arena, as well as self-esteem, overcoming one by one strong and agile opponents. You will be fascinated by the fantastic world, as well as, in his spare time battles, become a skilled blacksmith, resourceful shopkeeper or wise magician. Money earned while very useful to buy armor, weapons and magical artifacts. Even the greenest novice can, hard bothering in Mine, immediately buy a decent armor and a sword.

Play Crossroads worlds is extremely interesting, because here you are waiting for large-scale fights with 10 men on each side, daring traders, you palm off salve or Invulnerability Potion right on the battlefield, and even its own radio and steep di Jockeys and many more interesting and exciting.

Start at the Crossroads of the worlds to play and you will not regret the time spent, get a charge of vivacity and good mood.

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