Alternative names: Fantazium

Fantazium online can be carried to the genre of "light and carefree 'toys, as it inherently is. Each even the most avid fans of all kinds of online multiplayer games, sooner or later want to take a little break and get away from the endless quests prokachek permanent character, and responsibility to the clan. Online game Fantazium better than anything for that. But to play the game online Fantazium can not only rest in between games, many users it certainly will appeal to prolong not just a day or two, and for many months. Just wanted to say that the game online Fantazium pretty specific and therefore can cause extremely opposing player reviews.

Fantazium Registration is not significantly different from the procedure in other online games. The first thing to do - is to download and install the game client. It can be found directly on the site, it takes not much space, because this stage is carried out quickly and without difficulty. Next, it is necessary that registration was passed in the game Fantazium directly online games. Here, as usual, enter your username, password, and email address. At this all Fantazium registration ends and can proceed directly to the game.

From the first minutes of the game, you can immediately understand why the game is such mixed reviews users. The first thing I want to say - this is an unusual color palette. It is because it is very difficult for many people to play the game online Fantazium and they immediately complete gameplay once and for all. Indeed, to get used to this color palette, you need some time, and some can not do it at all. Most likely, the kids enjoy the game much more, but as in every grown child lives, the older generation of users will not remain on the sidelines, too. But if you are still used to this particular game, then go on to play in Fantazium will be easy and pleasant.

According to legend, his whole life in the wonderful world of wood-derived from Tilia. Then the world came five majestic souls who were the creators of the world and Fantazium. Themselves then appeared in the form of magnificent elements - water, earth, fire, air and light. Then the world were invited to people, that they dreamed were carefree, loved. But ... in spite of that, the peaceful life gradually leave the world. People Stavani angry, violent, stopped dreaming and started to undergo mutations - so evil in the world was born in the face of various monsters.

But the monsters that inhabit Fantazium, quite unlike ordinary Orcs from various online games. All of them are quite original and quite funny. Is to pay tribute to developers - with the fantasy they all just fine. For example, it is not accustomed to seeing a painted crab crawling, on whose head the barrel! And these residents in the game is still a great set, due to which the Fantazium play becomes more fun. In the vastness of the world can also be found living wrench paws, Puss in Boots, all sorts of butterflies, knights and other funny characters. Original names are also NPC, such as, for example, punishing duck mechanic evil umbrella.

Fantazium online game with simple and intuitive combat system. In order to attack the enemy, you just need to click on it with the mouse, and then contemplate the "cruel" fight. In the game you can play a magician, mage or archer. At first glance, the choice of specialties is very small, but for a game Fantazium them is enough. During the game you can make friends and play with a partner in the team. It should be noted that the friendship between the Account is exactly, and not between the characters of the game. This game gives both team members undeniable advantages - even when one player was missing, but the other fights with monsters, experience accrues both. Of course, if your partner is the thing that sits on your neck, you can terminate the union, but only after find yourself another partner.

As for the quests in the game, they do not stand out particularly diverse. The game also supports trade relations - have the opportunity to buy, sell the goods, you can also improve your gear.

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