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Game Phantomers survive and save the world.

Novaya multiplayer online game Phantomers gamenet provide an opportunity for all fans of military battles to take part in the fighting for the salvation of the familiar world order. The game's story tells about the origin of the secret organization Knosis tentacles of terrorist groups spread around the globe. Leaders of organizations are seeking through military coups set your own order and to seize power in the world. The United Nations through its own Intelligence Bureau set up a private military company Phantomers, which includes volunteers and regular troops from all over the world. The purpose of inter-ethnic army is to destroy all members Knosisa and their leaders.

Igrok entering into the army under the auspices of the UN, becoming one of the men who gave orders from above, it is necessary to cope with the mission to clean up areas from the terrorists in different countries. This first-person shooter will give a sense of real on the battlefield, where soldiers equipped and armed to the teeth with the latest technology, close to the bullets fly, but because of the nearest corner can fly combat enemy drone or break mine blast from which can do great hole in the wall. Special operations are conducted around the world, players will get to the jungle and the desert, they will have to wade through the wild forests and to fight on the streets. Locations are filled not only the well-armed enemy fighters, soldiers everywhere expect dangerous traps and skillfully planned sabotage.

Poprobovat himself as a well-trained professional soldier can be, only if Phantomers download as the game client, it is excellent quality graphics, realistic characters that act like real people, a lot of modern weapons and equipment fighters. Musical accompaniment and sound effects create a unique atmosphere and the illusion of being on a real battlefield.

Obzor games Phantomers.

Skachat Fantomers game can be on virtually any personal computer, since it does not require any special system requirements to the amount of memory and free space on your hard drive, runs even with older versions of Windows XP. Getting in the game for the first time, the user gets acquainted with his first character, his name is his nickname. As for the novice Nickname well armed, he has in the arsenal of a pistol, machine gun and sniper rifle, it is not considering a tactical knife. Subsequently, having gained combat experience, players will be opened and the other fighters:

  • Viktoriya, she is a young girl from Russia, a volunteer in her equipment includes protective drone;
  • Molot fighter from the United States, the use of touch-minute its advantage;
  • Voron, mercenaries from Algeria, he issued subversive drone;
  • Chernaya cat, special agent originally from Indonesia, the security turret arms;
  • Bishop, Europeans from the Netherlands, a professional soldier of NATO, masterfully uses a grenade launcher.

Phantomers game in which treatment no less diverse than the location and the soldiers, all six of them - the battle for itself allows us to develop the personal qualities to win in the mode you want to send to the light a certain number of enemies. Team Deathmatch allows you to fight with a group of other players sitting in front of the monitor. The undermining of one of the types of combat, players battle each other, the purpose of one group to undermine the enemy's position, and the other to protect your own base. The rest of the modes also support the interaction between players, in which the winning team of the survivors.

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