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Pharaoh economic strategy with elements of a city-building simulator. The game came out a long time ago because the graphics in it will not be able to shake anyone with realism, although at the time of release it was one of the best. The world as a whole, all buildings and units are drawn in sufficient detail. The atmosphere is well rendered. The sound design is good. The game deservedly can be considered one of the best in its genre. Such games do not necessarily have to have ultra-modern graphics in order to interest the player. Here is an ageless classic.

Before you can play Pharaoh, you have to choose a game mode.

There is a company here, which is divided into five periods. During the passage of the campaign, you complete the assigned tasks, after achieving success, new more difficult tasks await you. There are 36 of them in the game plus 4 additional ones. You will be able to return to any task of your choice to go through it again, possibly choosing a different strategy to achieve your goals.

In addition to the campaign, you can choose a map from the available ones and play both in free mode and in an effort to complete certain tasks set at the beginning of the game.

The difficulty mode is selected before starting the mission. This affects the resources available at the beginning and the favor of the gods.

There are five gods here and each of them will have to be honored in order to get help during the game.

  • Osiris God of agriculture and flooding of the Nile
  • Ra God of the kingdom
  • Ptah God of Crafts
  • God of Destruction Set
  • Bast God of the hearth

Each of the gods must have temples otherwise they will be offended and in this case you will definitely have problems. In addition, from time to time hold holidays dedicated to the gods. It can be profitable. If the gods are happy with the holiday, they can double the harvest or fill the warehouses with resources.

It is necessary to monitor the state of the city and build the necessary services in time. Firefighters will help fight the fire, law enforcement officers will be needed to fight crime. Architects make sure that all new buildings are designed safely.

In order for the population to have a rest, gambling houses and theaters will be needed.

Build a palace and a tax collector's house as quickly as possible. Tax Collectors you will need more when your city's population grows significantly. Only in this way you will be able to fill the city budget. You set the amount of taxes yourself.

Map of the world will help to establish trade. Delivery of goods is best by water, but this requires ships that can be built at shipyards.

Do not forget to build roads, this greatly affects the speed of movement of people. Thus, the production and collection of resources are much faster.

The most complex structures are pyramids, obelisks and great temples. It will take a lot of resources, money and time to build them. But the reward for their construction will be significant. The gods will be pleased and will surely reward you.

Pharaoh download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. You can purchase the game on the Steam platform or on the official website.

Help the pharaoh rule one of the oldest civilizations in the world, start playing now!

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