Pioneers of Pagonia

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Pioneers of Pagonia is an economic strategy in which you will have many interesting adventures. You can play on PC. The graphics are very beautiful in a cartoon style. The voice acting was done by professionals, the music is fun, but not intrusive and won’t get boring even if you play for a long time. The device's performance requirements are not very high, but if you want to play Pioneers of Pagonia on a PC with maximum image quality, a weak computer will not be suitable for this.

During the game you will find yourself in a place where there are many islands in the middle of the ocean. This territory is inhabited by scattered tribes, each of whom lives a rather difficult life. During your journey, your task is to unite these people and bring civilization to the islands.

This will take you a long time, there is a lot to do:

  • Explore each of the islands
  • Find where you can extract the necessary resources and determine the territory where the fields will be
  • Collect your harvest on time
  • Build and upgrade residential buildings, workshops and other outbuildings
  • Study technologies that will increase production efficiency
  • Set up trade in manufactured goods to make a profit
  • Provide people with protection from wild animals and robbers who may attack settlements
  • Expand the territory under your control and add new tribes

This list contains the main tasks you will encounter during the game.

During the game you will turn semi-wild tribes into a prosperous country, but it will not be easy. First of all, you need to go through several training missions and learn how to control the game. After this, you will have a long journey to transform a small village into an empire.

At the beginning of the game it will be most difficult to obtain the necessary resources; you will have to constantly make choices about which buildings and investments can bring profit the fastest.

The surrounding world is hidden in fog, you will have to go to unfamiliar lands to expand the territory. The tribes living in these territories will gladly join you when they understand that the unification will benefit everyone.

Build cities and towns; in total, there are more than 40 types of buildings available in the game, which can be improved over time.

Trade is very important, so you will have the opportunity to get funds for the development of the country. Without trade, no city can exist.

The population of your country is hardworking and will happily follow all your orders, but you must make sure that people have everything they need.

Ensuring security will not be easy at the beginning of the game, but it must be done, even though additional resources will be required. Otherwise, your people may be attacked by aggressive animals or criminals.

The Internet will only be required to download installation files. You can play Pioneers of Pagonia offline.

Pioneers of Pagonia download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. You will have the opportunity to purchase the game on the Steam portal or by following the link on this page.

Start playing now to help the island tribes create a beautiful country where they will have everything they need!

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