Pirate Storm

Alternative names: Pirate Storm

AND gras Pirate Storm - is a fun multiplayer game that players will open a world that is filled with sea romance. Pirate Storm game where people are waiting for an exciting battle on the seas and many other interesting events. And gras Pirate Storm Online is a browser-based and requires no download and install the client.

Before to play the game online Pirate Storm check that the computer settings and the requirements of the game. In Pirate Storm play online can a computer with the following parameters:

- Operating system: Win dows XP / Vista / Seven ;

- Processor: 2. 0 GHz ;

- Memory: 512 Mb ;

- Video: 128 Mb ;

- Connection to the internet.

To play Pirate Storm , it is necessary that was passed registration in the game Pirate Storm . It is made simple and convenient, so take a few minutes. The section on the website " registration Pirate Storm » , must enter the following data:

- Username - the name that will be used in the game;

- Password;


- Date of birth;

- Also need to read and agree to the terms of the game.

Pirate Storm online game which also supports registration through accounts already created a social network facebook. At this Pirate Storm online registration ends and we can proceed to the game.

The game begins with a training course, which shows the features of the game. Initially, the player receives a weak ship and defeat the enemy ship job and monsters. During the game, for the destruction of monsters and enemy ships will be awarded different resources, but in the beginning when there is not enough experience with serious enemies better not to. Initially, to understand the basic features of the game and will help to understand tips. Once the gameplay becomes clear, you can safely go to the port, where you can always go to the tavern, chat with friends, check out the news, to buy or sell a variety of goods. Earn gold and other necessary resources can be doing quests.

AND grata in online game Pirate Storm can using five types of ships: the starting ship, brigantine brigantine military frigate, a large frigate. On each ship can be fitted with various decks, keels, anchors and other details.

Life can ship is equipped with four sets of tools (6, 9,12,18 guns), with three types of shells (steel, iron, stone), as well as the four classes of harpoons with three subspecies (harpoon, harpoon-claw barbed harpoon ).

In Pirate Storm play difficult without money. The main currency in the game is gold. With it, you can buy weapons, ammunition and various necessities. Additional currency is diamonds. You can buy them by investing real money in the game, or bringing into play a new player. You can spend them from smugglers exchanging on different valuable goods. All rights and permissions are bought from the governor, and all that concerns the ship can be found in the shipyard. During the game you can create yourself a squadron of ships, with different characteristics and parameters. You can also join a guild that will give some advantages, in addition to faithful companions. Improving guild gives bonuses to its members, you can also participate in clan wars.

Total 35 levels the player is available, in addition to the development of personal development is also a guild.

At a high level in the game worked gameplay - players will battle not only with the other players, but also with NPC monsters. Monsters can also unite and attack a whole bunch, and cope alone with them is not always easy.

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