Planet Zoo

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Planet Zoo is an economic strategy in which you will develop your own zoo. The game is available on PC. The graphics are realistic, the zoo's inhabitants and nature look real. The voice acting was done by professional actors. The music is nice.

Running your own zoo is an interesting activity. Create the most comfortable living conditions for each animal. The more exotic creatures you have in your park, the more visitors you can attract.

Learning how to interact with the interface will be easy thanks to tips and instructions from the developers. Even for beginners who are not familiar with this type of game, it will only take a couple of minutes to figure it out.

After this, Planet Zoo will have a lot of interesting things waiting for you:

  • Find out what needs to be done to make each of the inhabitants feel at home in your park
  • Expand the territory for new residents
  • Build parks in all corners of the globe so that visitors can learn more about the flora and fauna of the planet
  • Chat with other players and share your achievements with the community

These are the main tasks you will perform in Planet Zoo PC

The game is interesting to people of different ages. The main priority is the comfort of the animals. The resulting profit will allow you to expand the park and create new biomes in it for inhabitants who require a specific climate.

Game modes are implemented in such a number that each player can choose the right one and have an interesting time.

Playing Planet Zoo is not only fun, but also educational. This way you will learn more about all the creatures that inhabit the Earth.

The project is not abandoned and is actively developing. New versions are released almost every week, bringing even more content, and during the holidays you can expect themed events.

Although the welfare of animals is a priority, care must also be taken to ensure that visitors are comfortable. Build paths, place benches and trash cans in the park. Souvenir shops and decorative items. The possibilities are unlimited; in Planet Zoo, each player’s park is unique due to the variety of decorations and interior elements.

The opportunity has been implemented to show the community your successes or to observe other people’s design solutions.

In Planet Zoo you don't need to rush anywhere, play at a comfortable pace. There will be an opportunity to slowly think through every little detail and make your park an ideal holiday destination for thousands of visitors.

Nature is very beautiful, the change of time of day is implemented. You will have the opportunity to enjoy scenic views while playing.

Before you begin, you need to download and install the Planet Zoo files. It will be possible to play offline, but you will still need an Internet connection to check updates and communicate with other players.

Planet Zoo free download, unfortunately, it won’t work. You can buy the game on the official website of the developers or on the Steam portal.

Start playing right now to create the perfect zoo, or maybe a whole network of zoos around the world!

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