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Planetbase is an economic strategy with elements of a city-building and survival simulator. The game has good, realistic-looking graphics and well-chosen music. Perhaps even someone will want to get some tracks in their library.

Before you start playing Planetbase you choose the type and class of the planet. But not all options are available at the beginning of the game. To open some planets, you need to receive cards for certain achievements during the game.

It's quite difficult to play, especially at the very beginning when you only have seven colonists and a couple of robots at your disposal. The first step is to build a gateway with a hermetic door through which workers and robots can get inside the settlement. Next, you need to build a company cabin, a living room and a solar panel to generate electricity.

After your base camp becomes habitable, you should focus on extracting resources, which are quite a lot in the game. Some of them, such as metal ore, you will extract in mines, while others will be created directly at the base. Electricity can be obtained from solar energy or wind energy. Plastic is synthesized from vegetable starch.

Plants provide food for the settlement, in order to grow them you need to build a bio-dome and install special racks in it. In general, in the game you yourself decide what pieces of furniture and what equipment to fill the buildings.

In addition, it will be necessary to appoint several biologists who will ensure that the equipment in the bio-dome functions smoothly.

All colonists are divided into specialties.

There are five specialties in the game:

  • Workers extract ore in mines, process metals and monitor the synthesis of bioplastics.
  • Engineers are mainly involved in repairing complex equipment and can create robots, weapons, or tools.
  • Biologists monitor plants.
  • Medics heal the wounded and create herbal medicines.
  • Guards keep order, protect the base.

Try to assign colonists of suitable professions for each type of work, otherwise their labor efficiency will be very low.

You should not be distracted and leave the game unattended. Pirate attacks or asteroid falls are quite common, and if the guards fail to cope with enemies or shoot down asteroids with a laser, then your intervention will be required, otherwise everything will end badly for the colony.

Be sure to build a spaceport. This building is very important. Thus, merchants with a variety of types of goods will be able to fly to the planet. Their assortment is different, but they arrive very often, so it will not be difficult to buy what you need. In addition, tourists arrive at the spaceport, which brings constant profit.

Planetbase download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. You can buy the game on the Steam portal or on the official website.

Start playing right now, many different planets are waiting for colonization, and humanity is in dire need of these resources!

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